Friday, September 30, 2005

who where is David?

Ciao peeps.
at an internet cafe in Florence now. supposed to go check out the statue of David today + visit Pisa but me and sis decided to check out the Prada factory outlet - it's actually in the factory itself! Anyway 5 days in Italy and we're way too broke. So much discount outlets to see that i just want to weep. Anyway could a kind soul in Spore do me a favour? I blogged about a Swarovski ring a while back and i have tried hunting for in all over Italy but i cant see it! So could erm someone help me to check out Swarovski in Spore? I just want to know if they sell it in the first place and how much it costs! Gracias!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

hope i wont go wuzzy on the plane...

off to Italy for the next 10days.

loss and gain

while my sister is slamming me about me losing my phone, i decided that i shall do the same. After drinks last night, straggling in my heels to catch the bus home i found some foreign objects in my bag. Turns out that my sister shoved into my bag -

1: the bar's drinks menu
2: an envelope containing a free membership of some guy call Sid
3: a good luck+happy birthday card that's for Sid too!

i'm like WTF! why they hell did she take all those stuff?! Now i feel so bad for having the good luck+birthday card....
fucking lost my mobile phone...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

If you're in the UK, check out for their 100,000 free seats. I did and booked 2 tickets to Oxford and only had to pay 50pence for the booking fee. Me & sis were supposed to make the day trip up there yah, but the free ticket meant we could only book a 5.05am bus departing Victoria, which also meant we needed to leave the house at 4am.

We never made it to Oxford today cos if we did, i wouldnt be here now typing this. So anyway, at about 1am i gave up trying to stay awake and went to bury my face in the pillow. Didn't wake up till 10am. Oh well, guess i'll never see Oxford again for the rest of my stay in UK...

Monday, September 12, 2005

really really...

*Sob* I’ve spotted this ring that I really love and I really want but I really cannot afford.
Don’t you spout any demeaning comments about my wants because you’re not in any way better than any other person – everyone has wants.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

omg, i want this!

After all that hesitation of if i should get an ipod photo, i'm kinda glad i've waited! this new ipod nano looks way toooo good. hmmm... i have to go check it out for myself. play around with it to see if it's really that small+handy+great! Ain't it pretty in black? ahhh... think i've got my xmas wishlist settled then.

heh heh.

Monday, September 05, 2005

space invaders

yeah! i found another space invader today! *beams* i'll miss them when i'm back in spore... for me, there's nothing more amusing than stumbling upon an invader when you're not looking for it.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

when litter is my estate's best friend...

this guy was dancing right against the massive sound systems! wonder how his eardrums are like now....

the old fashioned ice-cream churner, although what we bought was coconut slush

then we went on to watch the parade and while we were baking in the sun, this guy in the parade came along with a near empty bottle of like whiskey. Very much like a drunken ali baba... naturally we had to take a photo with him lah

think this was the best costume of all that we saw, think it's meant to be a dove...

then the London school of Samba troupe came along and there on their float was this oriental gal with nothing much on!


gave up watching the parade after like 3 hours + getting a tan and decided to crash sis's friend's house party to get some beer. walked pass Pentagram and gosh, i think now i know where they got their name from

ya i was a bit too excited lah...

so we got to the house party, used the loo, grabbed a beer, waved hi to the bunch in the garden and left to go Harrods for some aircon! felt a tad bad though, like we just made use of them. heh

nearing the tube station, i spotted this pair crazily dancing on top of the bus shelter....wonder how they got up there and then was wondering what would happen if the bus shelter collaspes. =P

oh and did you know that they have a hair dryer in the Harrods ladies toilet? Just found out that day and of course i had to try it out mah....

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"i'm counting down the days....."

You were right.
And I don't want to be here if you're gonna be there.
Was that supposed to happen?
I'll hold tight.
I'll remember to smile.
Though it has been a while.
And without you does it matter?

There's no room.
No place to start.
When our souls are apart.

I want to travel through time.
See your surprise.
I'd hold you so tight.
I'm counting down the days tonight.
I just want to be a million miles away from here.
I'm counting down the days.

How've you been?
It's just the usual here.
And days are feeling like years.
And every day's without you.
Now I cry just a little too much when I think of your touch
And everything about you.

I feel cold.
I'm in the dark.
When our souls are apart.

I want to travel through time.
See your surprise.
I'd hold you so tight.
I'm counting down the days tonight.
I just want to be a million miles away from here.

I'm counting down the days.
I'm counting down the days.
I'm gonna be you surprise.
I'm gonna hold you so tight.