Saturday, July 30, 2005

that bobby's a prick

so all this terrorist hoohah on my street ya?
On the way home after work and i walked to the corden to ask to be let in but the PRICK of a police refused to let me in!

Prick: "you cant go in".
Me: "but i live 2 doors from this corden!"
Prick: "no you cant go in"

All this time, other people were being led by other policemen to their doorsteps & this Prick of an ass refuses to even negotiate with me. So i was standing there fuming like mad before i went up to the Prick and said:"look, people on the opposite row got home and there's 2 other people walking from the other direction!!!!!!"

Obviously i irritated him and he said:"will you just bear with me for a minute?" Then another policeman came along and they blabbered something & said it's ok for me to go to my unit. I AM SOOOOO FUMING MAD WITH THAT PRICK! *evil squint* I so want to grab some eggs and smash it into him.


So apparently a man suspected to be a 5th bombers was arrested at a unit 2 units away from my block... way too close for comfort. At least it's good news that they've arrested all the other 4 bombers too.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

5 days 4 nights in Prague

ain't the best thing to happen when it's my mum i'm travelling with + considering how very last minute the trip was, i think i almost wanted to throw myself over Charles Bridge. Will update tomorrow, when mum's gone & when i get back from work. Yes, work.

Friday, July 22, 2005

graduation photos here

there's no need to sign in, just click on 'view pictures'

5 times at close range!

A suspect was chased by police and when they caught up with him, the cop took his automatic pistol and pumped 5 shots into the suspect. Poor guy... must be dead as can be.

yes i'm safe: got a nice pink trimming, no fur though

too tired to blog, so i'll share my favourite photo of the day.

just one more thing:
you who made the snide remark about my shoes?
well you know what: mum just bought me another pair of shoes yesterday, so you can just eat your words.

Monday, July 18, 2005

24 and counting = I really need more feet

The current count is 22 pairs of shoes but officially, it shoud be 24 (but i really don't want to count in 2 pairs of trashy slippers). Out of the 22, at least 4 are going to be thrown-out / left behind / donated. Of course i wish i could keep every single pair but but...

I have a headache just looking at them all lined up. I dont even want to start thinking on how to get my shoes back home, without my mum flipping! What makes it seem worse is that i just bought another 2 pairs of shoes today. *gulp* The only good news is that the 2 new pairs are part of the 22.....

I need help!!! How am i going to bring them back without my mum ever finding out i have sooooooooo many?!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

is it just willpower?

or that this year's summer sale just ain't good enough. It's coming to the end of the massive sales, and i havent bought anything major! The only thing i got on sale was a 9.99 pair of Gap jeans that was originally 45.90. That's it....ok wait, I got a Paul Smith wallet for Dave. That doesn't really count 'cos it's not for me.
think i'm just in a whiney mood.

too hot to write

so i do quiz:

You are Milk Chocolate

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Monday, July 11, 2005

we can't go out so we eat!

After the bombing we were told to stay in and Friday+Saturday tv was boring, which resulted in us raiding our kitchen and coming up with ways to get rid of our massive food pile. Ideas came up but as with every dish you want to cook, you realise u need other ingrediants... so to Tesco + Thai store we went to grab the other bits and bobs to make some dumplings from scratch.

chive+scallop+water chesnut wonton

pork+onion+cabbage+chive+water chestnut dumpling

fried dumpling, fried wonton and dumplings cooked gyoza style. (dumpling mania was for our lunch and we munched on it while we prepared for a bbq for just me+sis )

bbq fanfare: marshmellow, fatty pork, asparagus, chicken satay

tiny bbq on my tiny balcony but it works!

toasted marshmellow vs sponge hand from live 8

I ate and ate and ate. Thinking about it, i've been eating lots for like 3 days straight. Yesterday i had 1 dish of dimsum & 1 mango pudding for lunch, then a crayfish salad + ham & cheese crossiant for tea, then a small pack of crisps + a bread & butter pudding and finally, 2 samosas, some papadum and 1 chapatti + chutney.


think i need to detox soon.

Friday, July 08, 2005

it's barely over

18:35 hours
My tv has been turned on since 10am.
As i watch the carnage unfold before my eyes over and over again, i feel helpless. yes, i know what's happening, but from my living room, everything just seems quieter and nothing's happened. The police sirens constantly remind me that things are not alright.

everything's so surreal

to all my friends who called, smsed or got me on msn, thank you for your concern. I really feel for those who have perished, who got hurt and the thousands of Londoners who have to walk a long, long way home.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

explosion on bus photos

the latest photo released of the bus that was bombed. Previously it was only the back photo that was shown but now the police has allowed a new photo to be taken. It really shows the amount of damage done.

For now, me+sis are preparing for the worst. We don't have to worry about food as our kitchen is lik a provision shop but we've filled up bottles with water, dug out our first aid kit, prepared portable radios and a tiny but workable torchlight. Wish us luck that we'll not have to use them.

2 confirmed dead at Algate station

BBC has reporters at hospitals all over and they showed the paramedics getting the injured into the hospital. One was very badly burnt and the paramedic was giving chest compressions all the time when they were loading him off the ambulance....

slightly trumatized now

London under terrorist attack

Scotland Yard has issued to BBC News that the attacks are by the Al Qaeda.

Also, mobile phone networks are down as the mobile providers give priority to rescue teams. I think it's more of they are taking precautions to prevent anymore bombs being set of by mobile phones. For now, i can't call out on my mobile and i can't get Pennapa on the phone! *worried*


I snapped this picture off my tv and you can just see the distinct blue London bus seats and the orange poles sticking out of a roof that no longer exists.

we have reports of controlled explosions about to happen

what the hell is a controlled explosion???

BBC News Live has more reports of bombs about to go off in streets all over London. WHO ARE THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE?


Just saw the live report on the bus that exploded.
The WHOLE top is crumpled over.
News of more bombs on other buses are trickling in now.

Tube - no go
Bus - no go

Is London under seige? I seriously think that is was NO power surge.
Could it be a reaction to the G8 summit?
Brother just called us to say it's a bomb attack so we need to stay in. He said it's news that his reporter friend read. Reporters never lie in time of chaos, so for now, as more police sirens whail....

We're going to hide at home.
Thank God i didn't wake up early to head to school as i would have been on 1 of the tube line that is suspected to have a bomb explosion.

A MAJOR INCIDENT - London in chaos

Got woken up at 9+am by the postman buzzing up, saying he has a parcel. I was cursing under my breath when i told him to bring it up. (they always come SO early in the morning!!!!) The worst bit was that it was addressed to a Mr. C, Abbo. Who the hell is that? I yelled to me sister, since she was the one always ordering stuff online and her initials are C. Ang... Anyway, she was blurred and shook her head & postman gave us a 'du lan' face and walked off.

Naturally it was still too early to be up so we both went back to lie in bed, with the radio humming in the background. Just about to doze back to sleep when we heard "we've got some breaking news about an explosion in Liverpool Street Station..."

Sister jumped up and blasted the radio and we layed there and listened to more reports of a possible power surge. But being a radio station and not a BBC news station, we had to endure music inbetween any news report and so we just went to turn the tv on to watch BBC News Live.

The reports kept saying about a possible power surge and black smoke blah blah blah, so we thought it's ok, just London Underground being screwed up. Although at the back of my mind and i did voice it to me sister, that even if it was a terrorist attack they wouldnt say it. Simply because the whole city would go into panick.

So just when i thought i can relax a bit, there was a report that a double deck bus outside Russell Square station exploded and the top level was totally blown off..... like an open-top bus. As i type this, some eye-witness just said that there are blood stains on the BMA building. "Of course there are going to be some fatality, there's blood splattered all over the building."

I can hear police sirens whailing constantly from my place.
News of a dustbin bomb are going around but nobody is sure of it.
This is freaking me out.
Tube's aint safe.
Bus's aint safe.
Thousands of people are stuck on streets & just milling around.

Am i suppose to be thankful that i'm at home?
Or is this just the beginning of something more sinister than a power surge?

Sunday, July 03, 2005

live8 - nations coming together to end poverty

It's Live8 today and there are concerts going concurrently in 9 different cities, London included. Me+sis didnt manage to get tickets for the concert in the Hyde park but hey, i'm happy to watch it at home... imagine standing there from at least 9am - 9pm, can die ah. So anyway, i took some screen shots

Chris Martin from Coldplay is really good live and there to support him was Gwyneth+daughter Apple who looks soooo cute in sound mufflers

really blur pic of mother+child but they just make you go 'awwwwww'

the crowd as seen from the stage

bird's eye view of the 200,000 strong crowd in Hyde Park. If you think this looks massive, i heard that the crowd in Philadelphia is 1.5 million strong!!!

Massive gossip!!! Angelina Jolie was at the concert that took place at Cornwall and i was like 'oooooh'. I certainly didn't expect that Brad Pitt was later up on stage in Hyde Park to welcome on Annie Lenox! I'm getting all excited at the thought that they are in the UK at the same time! It has to be more than just for publicity etc.

I sure hope that with all this awareness raised, that the G8 summit will end with some good decisions made. It's really time for the world to end poverty, especially when the world has the means (financially+logistically) to. Just have to keep my fingers crossed that corruption will not stop the cause to end poverty forever.