Thursday, January 24, 2008

How do you stop a female from buying shoes?

Was just going through my old post, realised that I didn't blog much in 2007. Anyway, saw the post that had me lamenting how to bring back to SG (from UK) - 24 pairs of shoes. This post got me chuckling, as when I was packing to leave HK for SG & was sorting out my shoes - I counted 100 pairs!

I did throw/give away some... but I don't actually know how many pairs I finally shipped back!
Will update the final 'count' when I actually find some space/time to unpack the 6 boxes.

Meanwhile, I am still dreaming of my $700 pair of stilettos...

Monday, January 21, 2008

We went for Jay & it was really really good!

After trying so damn hard and failing to get Jay's concert tickets in HK - I hounded my sister to find all means to get me a ticket to watch him in SG. I was relentless & she was so fustrated that she went on & hounded the people at OCBC bank & ta-dah, we got 2 tickets for the 1st show! (Of course my mum's quite smart to know we used her OCBC points + cash top up to get it)

This is like the first time I have paid to see a Chinese artist and I must say that it was a very good concert! Official showtime was 8pm & of course it never starts on time for any concert, but they hit off at a resonable time of 8.3opm and it was the start of a great time for me! (not sure about my sis, she was giving me looks everytime I was a bit more enthusiastic than her)

As I am not an avid Jay fan *pai seh lah!* - I didn't know that it was his birthday on the 18th itself until he asked the audience "jing tian shi she men re zi?" (what day is today?). A fan raised up a board that had "sheng re kuai le" written simply on it and the cameras caught it and showed it on the big screen - only then did know...

SMSed Dave and told him:
me - "Oh it's his B-day today! Means we get a special concert ah!"
Dave - "You happy lor"

Of course! =)

But at this point I am getting lazy to write out what else happened at the concert, I just want to add that is was a really good one - I felt very happy after attending it!

The sound from where we were was great, saw Jay play the drums, gu zhen, piano, guitar, dance & sing with a Nunchaku....had pyrotechnics.... & a particular dancer who had REALLY GOOD boday! My sister was like "OMG - did you see that guy's chest?" I think the whole audience did ,as the dancer was wearing this open chest retro pantsuits costume which revealed the chest BUT I must say that they looked quite gay.

Jay came back on for 2 more "planned" encore and finally ended only at 11.15pm > a 2hours 45min concert that was all great.

OK going back to typing my CV now after this "I'm still happy with Jay's concert 3 days after post". Photos and the other videos - I think I will put them at Facebook? (We were not allowed to take videos at the concert..... sssshhhhh)


p.s. looking back on the video when Jay appears with his feather headgear - he reminds me of "Fong" from Balls of Fury!