Friday, March 28, 2003

it's Friday!!! the very last day of school for this term! going off to return some library books, then go school, then later to Heathrow airport to pick isaac up! =)


Thursday, March 27, 2003

i decided to skip my night bookbinding classes & so now i'm home! it's 6.10pm and i'm getting kinda hungry.Think i will go eat the leftovers of monday's dinner. Ahhh...i forgot to mention: i can now cook rice using a normal pot, and i mean well-cooked rice! not those half cooked ones hor.... *beams* very pround of myself. No more chewing on pasta every night!

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

As of 3:01am on 26th march, i have finished my rotten essay. Now my eyes hurt, my head's in a blur and tomorrow is going to be a long day of printing, cultural studies and bookbinding till 8pm...then back home to rush more ork for thursday. *sniff*

the stupid birds are chirping outside my window. They have been since midnight..........


to clarify any doubts, i meant Asians as in Oriental peeps!
woke up @ 9am today in a daze........was suppose to get my butt to the Tate Modern by 10.30am! did all my stuff, and headed out @ about 9.50am. got to Tate @ about 10.45am and got briefed by lecturer what we were suppose to do for our visual studies class. *yawn* had my breakfast and enjoyed the sun as he was explaining......

He left us to self explore and out task was to basically do rubbings on any legally surface, and perspective drawings of buildings. Me and Pennapa ended up in the Tate looking @ the exhibitions. The installation by Kapoor in the Turbine hall is really massive and to me, the best point to view it is from the 'bridge' area, looking into the middle portion of the long structure. In the 1st minute i stared at it, i said: "reminds me of spiderman". Pennapa laughed and agreed that it must be the color of the pvc material. Stood there to make a few sketches and we were off to do more rubbings all over the museum!

One interesting section of the works was in the nude/action/body gallery. There was this exhibit of a video by Paul McCarthy, which showd himself in the nude, with boxing gloves on and smearing ketchup all over himself, while jumping around throwing punches. At certain points, he will start punching himself......... i just stared at the tv with this 'eeeee' though going thru my mind, and totally forgot the concept behind the film.

A point to make: the Tate Modern is a great museum to go to, for both the works and the quality of visitors u get. In the 3 hours that we were inside, me and Pennapa spotted a few cute arty looking guys. heh...Asian too! Discussed about it and we have decided to make and effort to go Tate more often during the holidays. *grin* essay is still not finish.


Monday, March 24, 2003

it's 1.05am and 'more than words' is blasting away on my earphones....dun wanna disturb my flatmate. i did work on my essay....for a while and i got my introduction and bibligraphy done. After i copied and pasted all the quotes and points i had previously typed out, i did a word count and realised i got 4k plus of words! Arghs! i now have the head splitting task of putting my points together, and trimming it down to 1500 words.

i dislike essays. i dislike essays big time! =S

& the current world events aint helping to lift my mood up to really concentrate on finishing up this piece of long gone mouldy work. a friend tells me i am too emotional, and i simply drown in my emotions. it's true i guess, but i concur (heh) no big changes are going to happen as i believe i was designed by God to be this way. I just have to be stronger and err.....try to stay afloat @ least?

or maybe i am just wrong?

what say you peeps?

Saturday, March 22, 2003

one more thing:: my essay is coming to the point of being one month overdue. arghs! somebody kick me!!!!!!

finally its come to the end of a school week for me....i have been so busy since i got back from spain, i think i havent really had time to settle down and really think about stuff. Sorry for me MIA in emails to all u peeps out u noe, i love to read emails, but just stop short of replying them. tress sure will agree with me on this point! Just bear with me for a while more, as i try to finish up my work in the last week of school for the spring term!

and since war has started, my family back in spore seems to be quite worried about me, telling me to stock up on food & water, and to avoid crowded places. but how to? London is crowded almost everywhere.....and the tube system: it's really quite impossible to escape if terrorist do use some chemical gas for sabotage. oh well........... God has His plans for me and i must learn to trust in it.

just feel kinda sad that they lost a helicopter full of commandos and marines> the first of british troops to die, not by weapon attacks, but due to the copter malfunctioning.

pray now that the war will end fast, and that human loss will be there's nothing we civilan people can do to stop the war now.

Happy Sabbath.


Thursday, March 20, 2003

yesterday was Pennapa's bday!!! she's the grand old age of 20+...........? i shant say! hee.
we spent the say @ the British Musuem though, had to go there to do drawings on the Roman and Egyptian exhibits. Yawned so much there, i thought i was going to plop on the floor anytime.

we left @ around 4pm, and was walking down one street when i spotted this Jap restuarant. It's sign said: Okonomiyaki. It's made up of sliced cabbage & batter, with other ingredients of ur choice, & cooked like an omelette. I was soooo excited, i begged Pennapa to go in with me!

Got our ass settled in and drooled at the menu. We decided to share one Okonomiyaki, but choose to have extra topping of noodles. The special thing about this restuarant is that the dish is cooked right infront of you, on this hot stove in the middle of the table. We were given the choice of cooking it ourselves, we nah! Didn't want to screw it up.
The server prepare the batter and poured it onto the stove to let it cook. Me and Pennapa kept poking at it under the lid, trying to catch a whif of the 'i-hope-it's-nice' Okonomiyaki.

Think it took about 10mins to be done, and we were really edgy by then. We were again given choices, to put the sauce on ourselves of let the server do it. Of course we will self-service lah! (so that i can load up on the Bonito flakes, the Bulldog sauce and the oooooh so nice Jap mayo) It was Sooooooooooo nice! Hmmmm...... told myself i will go back again soon. yummie yummie. Okonomiyaki has been going round my head all day, kept mentioning it to Pennapa. Think she will kill me soon. Hee.

Had book-binding class tonight, were i learnt to stitch up page sections, using the French method. Trust me, i never knew making a book was sooooo tiring! I had to fold so many sheets of paper, pack them neatly to let air escape, make measurements, then make pin prick holes in each page section so that my needle and thread can go through easier. Sewed a 12 section book today. *phew* but i have another 15 section book to go next week......

it's 11.17pm now. in 2hours 43minutes time, Britian and USA will start war with Iraq. As much as i don't wish i have to, i pray for the many innocent souls we, as the world, will loose. May God be with them, and hope that their deaths will be quick and painless ones.

now, i go away to do some work and wait for the hour of war.

Lord, forgive our sins.

Monday, March 17, 2003

and one last point for now, i re-arranged my room! now my bed is on the other side of the room, so i dun hear anyone tossing in bed on the other side of the wall anymore! There is also more space on the floor now..........just perfect for Zack when he drop's by. hehehehehhe

ooh...just an update on what project i am currently working on:

i am 3/4 finished with my textile printing, had quite a good time playing with florescent/metallic/puff paints. the puff one is really nice, after printing, put it under this drying machine, and see the paint puff up!

my up & coming project is to screen print designs for ceremic plates. i'm giveb 3 plates and to do a design related to my textile. The cool part about this is that after the design is screened onto a special paper with ceremic inks, a coat of lacquer is screen over. When it's dry, i trim away the extras, and soak the paper+design+lacquer in a basin of warm water. The lacquer+design will lift off from the paper, & u then place it onto the plate in the position u want. Leave to dry for 2 days, then it's ready for firing!

After firing, the ceremic ink is fired into the glaze of the plate. It is then ready for use and it's dishwasher safe!

spent sunday sleeping in.....and i really do mean sleeping in. Only got out of my bed @ 4.30pm, & decided to make a dessert of Sago pearls, coconut milk and Gula syrup. Had finished boiling the pearls, and was trying to dissolve the big lump of sugar when i started to look for my bar of coconut cream. I dugged through my whole kitchen cabinet space and repacked all my stuff! No points for guessing....

It was GONE.

i have given up feeling anything. it's beyond me anymore. think i will move all my stuff into my room......


Saturday, March 15, 2003

Just got back from a wonderful dinner of roast duck @ Bayswater again. The duck here is really really nice & fat. >>Zack: will bring u there to eat duck k?. And, it's always full of Singaporeans. Told Pennapa if she wanna meet Spore guy, just hang out @ duck place more often. =P Spent the whole day in school printing fabrics & getting paint on my tee......but am generally quite happy with e results. there's really alot to learn & experiment with fabric dyes/paints & foil peel offs! i luuurrrvveeee my course. = ]

The weather is really funny in London, it's be really cold these 2 days eventhough it's suppose to be Spring. Yesterday i went to Greenwich park to take photos wearing only 2 layers, not realising that it was very cold as the sun was out..... My fingers were so cold to the extent that i couldnt sms properly! Only found out that it was 4 degrees from the weather report when i dropped by Junie's place.

Me & Pennapa were there, getting very excited when the Crime Scene Investigator came by. It was like a scene out of the CSI series! He dusted the point of entry (window) and told us that there were only glove prints, thus unable to get any evidence. But he lifted part of a shoe print, using this sticker like thingy. Definately an eye-opener.

Now going to try and digest off my dinner, think i will put my Lomo photos up on the wall. *hic*

Thursday, March 13, 2003

SOMEONE TOOK MY SMOKED SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




skipped today's class, as i havent done my work...anyway it's more of like workshop class = sit in the studio and do work. Been ebaying and have spotted 3 camera's that i fancy!!!

1. the Holga.
2. the Lomo Supersampler.
3. the Lomo Compact Automat.

sheesh........think i'm going camera crazy. wonder just how i am going about to get things that i want & not need. Was showing my photography lecturer yesterday my first batch of Lomo actionsampler pics, and he was like "why did u put 4 frames in one? was it done deliberately on the digital camera?" He has absolutely no idea what a Lomo camera is! Think i should bring it into class to show him. About my photos, they were ok, with like 20 nice ones out of 60. Didnt know that the photos suck big time when taken indoors & @ night. Guess more experimenting for me's just that film and processing costs are so high here, it puts me off. The cheapest offer i can find now is 2.99 pounds for 36 exposures, with like a 5 days wait.........

Found out yesterday that Junie + Yu tsang place was broken into! Junie lost her laptop & violin, while YT's lost was much greater. the burglers took his laptop + speakers, palmtop, canon G3 digital camera, MD player, Hifi set, PS2 + games, gameboy + games and passport. Their loss is estimated to be around 3000 pounds each. *ouch*

An update on Wanying's condition: She is still in hospital, but out of ICU & in an isolation ward as she has developed a lung infection. It has been 3 months since she has been warded and the hopital bill is 100K and rising. I thank God that she is going to live, but she & her family still need help in forms of prayer, medical advice and financial assistance. You can read more on this website created for her>>

"Always insure yourself, and your belongings!"

Sunday, March 09, 2003

it's 7.41pm on a sat night and i am home....waiting for Pennapa to make her way here, as she is moving into my hall. Glad to be indoors though, as the winds are really gusty today. Was freezing my fingers off when i was buying some papaya's @ the market just now.

found out yesterday that there's Red Hot Chilli Pepper concert tonight and tomorrow night! went to the box office this afternoon @ 3pm, but it was totally sold out. *sigh*
it's 25pounds for free standing, and when i was there, a crowd had already formed in the drizzling rain. crazy ang mohs. ha.

anyway, going to dig into a box of strawberries & listen to the howling winds while i wait for Pennapa to arrive.... night peeps.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

it's 12.49pm and i just got a package from Candiceee!!! hee....... [oops. just knocked over my mouse again...]
The first thing i did when i got my hands on the package was to shake it. I dunno why, but it was like a natural reaction. then i looked @ the customs declaration lable and saw the word "Pencil". wonder the rattling sound.

i got a lovely handmade bdae card in the 'classic candice handwritten style', a little note book, a box of mini Luna range color pencils - it's water soluble now! and another box of Staedtler pencils. perfect for the outdoor drawing classes i have on every tuesday now.

the Luna pencils brings me back in time when i was a kid...and using Luna color pencils. really liked the colorful lines spiralling down along the pencil. kinda gave it a candy-like effect, though i can say i didnt eat my pencils ah!

another ladybird has landed on my window sill. wonder how the hell they get in! will go and throw them out now..... but thanks to you all back home who make me feel so loved! Thank God for being you all into my life. =)


Friday, March 07, 2003

sorry i havent been updating.....very busy ah. *sigh* all the project work....what's new yah? it's the life of a design student.
anyway, celebrated my birthday @ a pub.....had casual dinner of steak/english pub meal.

got the following presents:
Swatch bangle watch & a set of Playmobil from Annie;
Set of 40 Caran d'ache color pencils from Junie;
A book on 20th century patten designs; homebaked mousse cake n bunch of tulips from Yu tsang.

*ponders*.....yup. thats about it. thingy: i found out that my flatmate shares the same birthday as me! *grin* very hard to come by leh......people born on the special day of 3rd March. hee. Got calls from Candice, Isaac, Chris, Carroll, Alex & a miss call from Jie. The rest were sms's or icq msgs but greatly appreciated!!!

Thinking back, it was a really quiet birthday....i went into class and did my work......non of my classmates knew it was my birthday (besides Pennapa), so i got kinda depressed in a way. Just felt lonely i far away from my friends back home. *sigh*

Anway, i feel much better now, still got the following projects to clear: stupid overdue essay, photography project, visual diary, main print project on textiles.......and i already got another new essay!


Sunday, March 02, 2003

life's been super boring. but anyway, on sat, with my stomach rumbling i headed for my fridge and took out my naan bread. to my horror>>> half of it was pinched off! and the thief was so smart in the sense that after pinching it off, layed the packet of bread back with the un-pinched side out, so i wouldnt have notice if i didnt take it out!

i'm pratically up to my neck in annoyance!

and i didnt mention earlier, but before i left for spain, i bought a 12pack yogurt and left it in my fridge. when i got back 5 days later, only 2 were left. Arghs! how am i suppose to feel pity for that bugger??????