Friday, January 31, 2003

*Last call, last call*

ok peeps. i will be going to Seville on the 17th feb and returning on 21st feb. any purchase requests that i might be able to fulfil? not too extravagent ones debit card balance not that power. hah. send me a mail if you have a 'wish list' ok? & hopefully Isaac can bring them back in April. Meanwhile, the thought of getting my 1st pair of camper shoes is getting to my head. heee... and any tips that i should know about before i get there? candice, edna & tress>> enlighten me abit hor. thanks ah!

"what model should i get, how many should i get........."


woke up at 9.30am to a bright & sunny day and thought " oh this is it, i'm not going to get any snow. sigh." Got to school an hour late...but settled down to do some work. Pennapa came in a while after me and was commenting how heavy snowfall was @ her area. *bleh* Was sulking the whole time, until we had lunch break and the thought of food cheered me up a little.

Got a beef & cheese sandwich and as i sat down in the canteen, i saw SNOW. The snow was drifting, as there were very stong winds but hey - its snow! Went back up to studio and stared out of the window, looking at the wind carrying the snowflakes, lifting them up, around and swirling...almost as if the wind was dancing, with the snowflakes as accompanist. The 'blizzard' as it was because the winds made the snow come down hard almost like rain, didnt stop till late in the evening. As i left school @ 6pm, i experienced it first hand. The snow was just blasting into my face at full force! @ that moment, i didnt like the snow that much anymore....not with this amount of wind.

Was planning to head home, but ended up hanging around Trinity College, listening to Junie practise for her competition piece. Had dinner @ tai won mien and headed home. Now i am typing this in bed, feeling sleepy but my dinner's not digested yet! *burp*

Thursday, January 30, 2003

life has been very routine for the past few days, school, eat, sleep.

hung out at Charlotte's place tonight, had rice noodles with soya sauce, wonton, some weird chee cheong fun, and ice cream. *burp* talked about schoolwork, bitched a little about a gal in class...and discussed how we are going to get to Gatwick airport, in time for check-in @ 6am! I was prepared to spend the night at the airport, but Charlotte was dead against it. hmmm...maybe we will get an airport hotel room if there is one.

was walking home up the horrible slope, feeling the strain in my legs when i came upon salt grains on the road. @ first i thought it was just a little spill but then as i walked on, i realised it was scattered all over the road leading into my hall! Seems like snow is anticipated for tonight or the nights leading up to Friday, and the salt is to prevent the roads from icing up. i smile with glee with the thought of more snow...hee. But the sky is really clear now, cant imagine snowfall.

anyway, it has been freezing outside lately because of very strong winds which apparently are so cold, because they are coming from the north pole. *brrr* i've started to wear my big padded jacket, which makes me look like some snowman> ugly.

oh...and erm...struggled to fit into another pair of jeans today. i really dunno if it was the doing of the dryer or i just really am putting on weight, although my classmates insist i am skinny cos of my boney shoulders. Damn the fats in my body! they always end up on my butt and thighs. bleh

Sunday, January 26, 2003


Fri:: went to the Body Worlds exhibition with Pennapa. Its full of "Plastinated" bodies, in various position and stages. some are seen with only the blood vessels left while some are with the muscles and innards. most of the bodies displayed are without the skin, so you see a mass of red muscles, which reminded me alot of bah kua ( dried/cured meat).

the human intestines was to see how long it actually is and visualise how food goes from the mouth into the stomach, then the small intestine and then finally into the large intestine, where the indigestable food particles are held until its passed out via the rectum. heh. Majority of the bodies were male ones, so you get to see alot of bollocks. but there was one display of a very pregnant women, with her womb cut open to reveal the baby inside. really makes one wonder how she died. and the actual process of "plastinating" the bodies, its Wow.

check out for info.

After the exhibition, we headed to Victoria to meet Gary and had Subway for dinner!!!! i have been craving for it since i got here and finally i got to eat my favourite turkey breast sandwich. Mmmmmm...cant wait to grab another one soon. woofed down my dinner and the 3 of us headed for a concert organised by Trinity College of Music. Yu tsang was involved in the concert, so he got us free tickets. the orchestra performed: Sinfonietta Op.1 by Britten, Cantiga Op.45 by David Matthews, and Symphony No.4 in Bflat major Op.60 by Beethoven. My favourite was still the Beethoven piece. As old as the piece may be, it had the most feeling to it. It felt very grand and majestic to me, and at the same time i was thinking " Beethoven was a really talented composer, to have written such a piece back in the 1800s".
On the overall, not bad for a free concert! =)

sat:: went to Harrods to check out its sale on its final day......and bought only 3 bars of lindt chocolate and 4 bottles of candies, of which 3 were for my sister. sigh.

Gary tang and Qin, i got your mail! thank you very much! I will try to read the book sometime in-between the pile of art history books i have to read up on! Qin, about the name 'cheryl', to me you still don't look like a 'cheryl'. [you know my sister is called cheryl......] heh. It's hard to explain but if you like it, go ahead and adopt it. It's your name and your choice! *hugz*

Friday, January 24, 2003

yo back from school @ abt 6.30pm. my sister didnt want to have dinner out with me, so i am left sulking in my room wondering what to cook for dinner. but it doesnt dampen my spirits much, as i got an A for my tile design project! yippee!!!! think about 5 of 6 out of 30+ got an A, so i feel quite good about it. hee.....
*must not let it get to my head*

so now...guess i have to work harder for my remaining 4 projects!

Thursday, January 23, 2003

wed:: went in for photography class, sat thru the boring intro on how to reel in the film and develop it. i figured i had to, incase i missed out on anything. has been like 3 years since i developed stuff? anyway, all went well and i got my b/w film developed in my trusty stainless steel tank. hee...i brought it over. one thing about schools in London> space is very hard to come by. my faculty's dark room has been reduce to this closet size room, with space enough for only 4 enlargers! i had to reel in my film using that black bag in which u zip ur stuff in and then stick you hands into the bag. i miss the huge darkroom in TP! boo hoo....those hours spent in the cold, dark, quiet and big room. *sigh*

had cultural studies in the afternoon, went for the lecture but didnt stay for the discussion group. went to the library instead to borrow books needed for my essay, of which i have no idea on answering! i have discovered that i know nuts about the history/movement of art and i am so going to die writing my cultural discussive essay....

headed for home at 6pm, bought mac for dinner and headed home. was rushing to do my Visual diary which is due for sharing tomorrow but i kinda give up. there's so much to be done and i aint got any strength to do it. see how my mood will be in an hour's time lah.

huge gusty winds outside now *brrr*

you know, i think i have never been made to draw so many sketches/thumbnails and read up so much before in my life!
guess that's the good part of my course.
oh well, good nite.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003


i just had a very good meal:: japanese curry stewed with onions, carrots & potatos on rice and....chicken cutlet with japanese dipping sauce. followed with seedless green grapes for dessert *Shiok* i am sooooo stuffed now, i cant breathe properly. *hic* was homecooked! =) am so pleased with myself.

had a long day at school today, from 10.30- 6pm. i finally presented my tile design project and my lecturers said it was good...but somehow i think i have not done my best and will only get a B. will find out by thursday.

still got work to clear but not that urgent. think i will relax tonight, read a book and munch on some snacks (if i can still eat). and try to sleep early too, have been sleeping like 3 or 4 am lately.

ok. going off to slack now.


Monday, January 20, 2003

*extra extra*

i caught a ladybug in my room [ i have loads of them..dunno from where ], but this one is different. instead of a red shell with black dots, it's got the opp! it's black with red dots. anyone's got any idea why? issit some genetic disorder or something? just curiosity sake lah..... if you do know anything, please enlighten me hor.

woke up at 1pm......dragged myself out of the flat and started on my journey towards fulham broadway. it's for my photography & white photos to promote london in a fun and non-cliche way. so i thought of focusing on the many pubs in london that have queer names, as 'pubbing' is a very much daily activity for the british. spent last night surfing the net on names of pubs and came across loads...but let me just list you all some.

there's: Dirty Dick's; Bunch of grapes; the goose at castle; the Slug and lettuce; the Frog and the radiator; the Goat in boots; the Moon under water; the Green man and french horn; the Sugar loaf; the Peacock; the Porcupine; the Lamb and flag; the Mad bishop and lamb; Dog and duck...and loads more! i really do wonder why they have a 'thing' for naming pubs after animals....

anyway, hopped on the tube and got all the way to South Kensington, where i got stuck. there was no trains going to fulham broadway. not a single one. that's how reliable london's transport system is. so....i wondered out of the station and started to look for interesting stuff to take but nahhh...nothing nice. Spotted a bus which was heading to Fulham so i stuck to my initial plan and hopped on the bus.

went past the Chelsea Village along the way......and when i finally got to Fulham, i dugged out my nikon fm10 (finally using it!) and started snapping @ watever caught my eye, be it not a pub, i didnt care. along the way, i was constantly looking around me.....watching out for any potential muggers. remember this advice>>One can never feel too safe in london. cos it's simply not.

came upon this little quaint internet cafe with lovely paintings hanging on the windows and i stopped to snap them. the owner came out and invited me in to snap the other 2 paintings inside. it was a very cozy cafe, with sofas and loads of monitor shells ard...waiting to get painted i guess, and the owner was living above the shop. so its kinda home cum office. shiok leh.

thanked the owner n said i'll drop by sometime (though i dun need the internet service......), and by then it was 4pm. scurried to the nearest supermarket and did my grocery shopping, as most ( 95%) of the supermarkets here close @ 5pm on sundays. didnt buy much..just 13pounds (think S$13) worth but they were very heavy! think it must have been my milk and bottle of ribena.

hopped on the bus again, this time heading to my sister's place to meet her for dinner. along the way, i spotted a Cash Converters! the signboard is exactly the same as the ones back in Singapore, so now i know where the store originated. i MUST go in there someday..maybe can pick up something good. we had thai for dinner......and then went back up to the flat to watch tv. i aint got a tv in my hall room, but somehow i dun really miss it that much. 1: the progammes here suck. 2: i got the internet to keep me busy.

watched till 10pm...and dreaded so much of the thought of journeying back with so much crap. didnt have a choice...i needed to get back to do somemore work and i need to wear my retainers.....

was walking back up the slope when i spotted this guy approx 20m away, with his back facing me and standing in a corner of a building. i was like " Pleaassseee dun tell me he is peeing on the pavement!". but he was...and there i was trying to slow down my pace and look at the nice clear sky, just to avoid any embarrasment. He finished and went back into his car.....while i gingerly stepped away from the puddle of pee that was flowing down the pavement. Eeeeeuuukkkkss!!!! What's with the people in this country??? peeing on pavements! and trust me this is not an one-off incident> the last time, i saw a guy peeing in a corner just as i was about to tuck into my lovely chocolate cake @ starbucks.....really spoilt the mood man, but not my appetite. NOTHING comes between me and my food. Muahahahahahha....

so another advice for people planning to visit london: please learn to control your bladder. cos there aint as many toilets here as in singapore...they are really hard to come by. and if you're @ Harrods, you have to pay one pound to use the washroom! dun say i never warn you ah!

ok. thats about it.....i got home about 11.15pm and its 12.53am now. i better get my ass off the net and finish up my stuff n sleep!


Sunday, January 19, 2003 more thing. although it is not the most appropriate thing to add on after my last blog....but i have to say this!

i found out that one of my classmate works in Tiffany & Co!!!! in the silver department..and she can get discount!
i've got the biggest and silliest grin on my face now. heeee....
dunno why i feel so happy!?

dear friends,

i just got an email, written by linda- the sister of wanying. maybe i should just share it here...

Hi my friends,
the neurologists and medical team at NUH have told us on 14th Jan that Wan may die and prepared us for the worst possible scenario.
They gave background information of similar cases that he had seen before. All 4 patients diagnosed with the same condition did not survive.
My family was desperate and felt totally helpless.

16th Jan-Wan was transferred to High Dependency unit, finally out of ICU.
17th Jan-Wan was much more awake, she moved her hands and legs (jerking movements) and still had slight fits.

The medical team at NUH said that if she does not recover 1 month from the admission date, her chances would be very very slim. More than 3 weeks
have passed since she was warded on Christmas Eve. Time is running out on our side.
They keep saying that she is critically ill and that all we can do is to wait for her body to fight the infection and see how she reacts to it.

Yesterday, my father issued me an ultimatum. He said to get all my church friends and all Christian forces to stop praying for Wanying. He said that her recovery is hampered because of the clash of forces.

I never expected this to come from him and its hard to obey what he said. I however agreed, on teh surface. This is really a spiritual battle, I
know that if anything happens to Wan, she will go to heaven and that is the most important thing for me to know if anything happens to her.

Please pray for the following :
1) Wanying will live and testify of God's glory, that God save her life for a higher puropse and calling
2) Jesus will cover Wan with his blood and protect her from all wiles of Satan
3) Wanying's organs and bodily functions will be preserved
4) Wanying's seizures and heat will go away
5) Wanying's condition to improve dramatically - every bit of the virus to leave her body
6) She will have a spirit of faith, hope and love even as she fights this battle in NUH. My parents' and brother's salvation-they will see God's hand in all these things
7) She will be discharged and we can all go home soon
8) Speedy recovery upon discharge
9) Strength and hope to bind the family together
10) For me to trust and have faith in God and wait upon Him, to know and believe that in all things, He works for the good of those who love him. I am the only believer at home, fighting this battle. I need you to join me and move mountains together


Love, God bless

i know for those non-belivers out there, its hard for you to belive in spiritual-battle. but it really happens, everyday, every single moment. the devil tries to hard to break us down, to try and tear down our faith in God, so that we will fall...and fall into the devil's grasp. to me, i feel that it's basically a battle of who has more 'souls'....and i really do hope mine is on the Lord's side now.

we all fall at some point. we are not perfect.

and for wanying, i just really really pray that her heart and faith are still strong, that while her body is fighting the virus, she is fighting her own spiritual battle.
before she left the church, she had so much faith, love and enthusiasm for God, and i'm sure that it's all still somewhere in her.

all this time has passed and the medical team has not had good news, but i dunno why but deep inside me i feel that wanying will pull thru. it's like a kind of assurance that i feel.

with this hope that i have, and the fact that she is still alive, i beg of you all...
please pray for her.
even if you are not a believer, i am sure that if you do pray, the Lord or His angels will definately hear it.
and so will the devil, may he hear it and know that we are not giving up on this battle and that he will leave the family alone.


Saturday, January 18, 2003

the evil cycle took control of my again, of which i took a nap at 6pm+ and woke up at abt 11pm. did my work and went on and on and on...till 1pm, when i was done and got ready to head back to school. *sigh* lugged my work to studio, only to have lecturer tell me she cant grade my work, so have to wait till monday. great.

then headed on to central town area ( bond st ) to pay my hall accomodation fees. 1000 pounds for the next 3 mths. wow. quite abit of money.... i was done with my tasks by 3.30pm. wat the hell was i going to do? walked aimlessly ard town while waiting to meet an ex-sec school mate, who was due only at 8pm. popped into a few bookstores, finally buying 3 books for the price of 2 @ HMV......popped into bodyshop sale again and also selfridges, to get stationery>>i got nice japanese brand eraser for 10p each! that's like 28 cents.

by 6pm, i had spend abt 30pounds and was still aimless. decided to head to burger king, buy a drink and read my new book to kill time.
finally met up with clement and his 2 friends and we had steamboat for dinner. it was not bad, but bloody expensive! 4 of us ran up a bill of 92pounds!
anyway, after dinner they cont. their journey to Brighton while i proceeded to HMV to meet my sister. didnt buy anything... =P

caught the tube home and i encountered a Greyhound with its owner! the poor dog was shivering all the time.... the one thing i like about London is that you can bring your pets out with u, onto the bus or train as long as it looks clean. nice huh!

got back @ 12.15pm...cleared my emails and now its 1.50am. i am tired...will go get some much needed beauty sleep. my complexion has become to bad, i dun really want to notice anymore. =S

nite peeps

Friday, January 17, 2003

ok. its thursday. and i have been rushing my work like crazy for the whole week, only to wake up late today and miss classes+dateline.
wait...before anyone says i am a pig...let me explain

on tuesaday night, i took a 2hr nap and woke up to do my work through the night, drinking loads of coke *urghs* to keep me awake. left for school at 9am. got a snail mail from candice and that brightened me up quite a bit. was reading it on the bus and my eyes were just not focusing well. took me so much effort to make out her handwriting and process it. got to school 10mins late and still was in a total daze, trying to get the lecturer's words into my mind. sat thru photography class and then i had the ultimate class> cultural studies. the lecture was on Paris in the 1860s-70s, when Paris went thru a 'urban makeover'. it was quite interesting but as the class wore mind was losing it. i was struggling to take notes and i realised i was just drawing sqiuggles. arghs. seemed like eternity before class ended.

went back to studio to collect my prints, only to be spotted by the technician and made to was off my screen. arghs! i want to go home....... took me 30mins to wash off the stupid emulsion but had a fun time with the power spray jet. hee

took the bus back and it took 1 whole bloody hour.....anyway got back at 6pm. cooked my dinner and chatted with my flatmate for awhile and got down to work. made myself stay off the net and i did my stuff till..4am...when my brains gave up. i was nodding off infront of my laptop. that's when i decided i've had it. i was going to sleep...for an hour or two.

but i never woke up till late afternoon, despite 2 wake up calls from isaac.
sad huh.
i think i have to fix up my life somehow.
its a huge mess in sense of my work and lifestyle!
no more net! off to do more work.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

"mental blankness"

ah! got my Shokubutsu shower foam from Theresa today. Thanks loads ah~
she gave me some seaweed, tao sa pia and bah kua too..hee
offered my french and british mates some seaweed and their faces almost turned green!
oh well......

had a crazy week at school and will still be until thursday, which is my dateline+presentation day.
had classes from 10.30 - 3pm and then rushed my silkscreen printing till 5pm ...and went to the library till 7.
got home at 8 and i am mentally so so tired.........
and my hands, they are all wrinkly and dry from all the solvents i used for cleaning the oil-base paints.
2 more days to go before i can relax.

" i cannot fall alseep tonight.....i must do my work....."

Sunday, January 12, 2003

ok peeps! so much of me talking of is the chance for me to share the pictures i took. it's not alot cos i was sleeping in too much and i regret very much now. didn't think that the snow would melt soo fast....anyway, hope they give you a feel of the cold i have to endure. heh.
went out to have dinner with Edric (S'pore friend) at the singapore/malaysian cusine place again. can't remember its name...anyway, i had mee goreng. it wasn't half bad, just that i thought it weird that they used the maggie mee kind of noodle to fry, instead of the fat egg noodles! i had ice milo and he had hot milo, which didnt come out right>> they put in too much milk..... DAMN! i miss the dinosaur back home. MUST get some when i go back.

we talked about pros and cons, but mostly cons of studying in England. Edric is leaving on the 18th for Singapore, after 1 term at Falmouth College, as he didnt think it was really enriching to him...oh well.

as i did my routine climb up the slope leading to my hall, i realised that frost had formed everywhere and anywhere! frost was on the cars, on the metal railings and i even spotted those great big green dustbins with their lids frosted! made me think of the snow again....

walked past a patch of grass (and yes they are still green in this freezing weather. i dunno why!) and they were half frozen too. seemed kinda pretty in a way..fresh green with a touch of silvery white. everything was kinda extra sparkly with the frost. brrr....think it must be very cold. i have absolutely no idea what the temp is!

Saturday, January 11, 2003

hey hey! a new site to's to find out your name in Elvish.
go to:

let me know whats your ah. mine is Órelindë Minyatur.
i dunno how to pronounce it though.... hee.

the other one to visit is:
this one is for your Hobbit name.
mine is: Goldie Frumblefoot of Bywater

have fun!
one more issue:: someone has been using my shampoo. i leave it in the bathroom in one corner. but it has been moved on more than one occasion. and this is like my second bottle of shampoo>> the first bottle had also been 'adopted' by the shampoo stealer and someone was also using my conditioner........

hmmm..what's the verdict?

a: do i continue to leave my shampoo in the bathroom?
b: do i keep them in my room from now on?
c: do i leave a note to confront the shampoo stealer?
d: should i be not petty and let the person(s) use me shampoo?

post your answers on the tagboard. =)
was preparing to sleep last night at abt 4am, when i heard a 'thud' from outside. i panickly turned my head up to look out of my window, and realised that my 'snowman' had fallen off the ledge!!!!! *sniff* i know it was going to melt and stuff but fall off and smash into the ground?

woke up at 3.30pm, looked out the window and most of the snow is gone...melted.....kaput.
wonder if its all frozen.....went out last night and almost slipped on the ice like 5 times!
guess i wont be going out anywhere tonight. *sigh*... there goes my friday.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

10.30pm:: Am i going crazy? i pratically pressed my face into the window and stared out hard and i thought i saw tiny specks of snow falling! Maybe its my sub-conscious mind trying to make me belief that there is snow? Maybe i have been thinking too much of snow..........

" i will not think of snow. i will not dream of snow. i will not talk of snow. i will not......."
boy oh boy did it snow today!!!! i awoke @ and saw the snow was alreading 'pouring' down! cant tell you how exhilarated i was!!! i rushed though my shower and hurriedly dressed to get out. as i struggled slowly along the paths to prevent me from slipping on the snow, i was quietly savouring the moments. The feeling of the large flakes settling on me and the snow crunching below my feet everytime i stepped on a 'fresh' spot. And it was so much quieter, traffic wasn't as heavy and it all felt so soft and peaceful.

i was taking my own sweet time, strolling and stopping to try and take some photos. i figured this was a once in a lifetime event and my lessons can wait. hee.
with all that ice settling on my camera, i am thankful that it didnt malfunction!

got to class 20mins late and attendance was so poor that the lecturer decided to start class next week so it was free and easy till my 2pm cultural studies class.
kept on looking out of the windows, and commenting on how much i love snow, only to get grunts from my classmates who say they hate it! well...guess i am the 'mountain tortoise' for now but anyway i insist that i will always love it! how can anyone hate snow? ok..maybe when it starts melting on the dirty pavements and you get Slush. which is this muddy color slurpee melting kinda thing. that's the only thing i find erks.

left school at 5pm and headed home. the snow around the school was almost gone, due to the high human traffic i guess. got off the tube and hopped on the bus and realised that ard Greenwich area, there was still plenty of snow and most of them were untouched! as i walked up the slope to get home, i stopped and grabbed snow from bushes, from the pavement and made a little snowman! =)
its sitting on my window ledge and its been and hour and a half since i brought it back. its still holding its shape. melting really slowy...and shrinking a little by little.

ok lah..enough of the snow issue. but last point to add> the snow on the ground was 5cm thick! that's how much snow fell....
and i hope and pray it will snow somemore!

peeps in singapore> enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

3.44am> it's Still snowing!!! hee....don't know how i am going to get my work done. i keep sticking my head out of the window every 5 mins to check how big the snowflakes are! *grin* i think 2003 is going to be a Wonderful year!

thank you Lord!
its 3.10am and i know i am suppose to be rushing my project but but....its snowing!!!!! and boy was it considered heavy snowfall! the flakes were huge and i went down alone to experience my 'virgin' snowfall. as the wind blew, snowflakes were swirling around me, standing alone in the wonderful stillness. it was just me and the snow....gently tumbling and covering me with a gentle was so magical. for once i feel really peaceful and glad inside me. just wish i had someone to snuggle up with to watch the snow, to make it all perfect.... =)

ok, let me describe the snowflake: they resemble shavings of ice and when they start to pile up on the ground, it reminds me of ice kachang! so next time u feel like having some snowflakes, get some ice and start shaving it with a super strong fan blowing! hee....

i can hear the fox howling they are freezing their tails off in their foxhole!
monday, 6th jan> renee woke up late and hesitated to go for lessons but after loads of persuation from isaac, she decided to head for school. class was suppose to start at 10.30am but she reached school at 12pm.....only to step into the studio and see not a single soul! apparently there was no lessons for today!

*arghs* how stupid can one get? how come every single person except me knows that there is no lessons today?!!!!! hmmph.

Monday, January 06, 2003

12.52am>> just woke up from a 4 hour nap. what have i done for sunday?
1. went out for lunch @ 3pm
2. came back n surfed for info on takashi murakami & aztecs
3. fell asleep at 8+pm

that's it. one sunday gone. it's officially monday n school starts.


Sunday, January 05, 2003

hey all, i just sent an email abt sharing my online photo album. if i missed out on any, sorry! i have spent 3 hours getting everything done and my brain is going wonky. in anycase, this is the place to go:
its 7pm here. i officially woke up at 6pm. heh. spoke to isaac, and he insists that the 7650 is a wrong phone for me. hmmmm...oh well. i could return has a 14 day return policy..... will try to stay off the internet tonight! just wasted3/4 of the day sleeping and i got homework due monday!!!!! going to raid my freezer now for some frozen food. hmmm...wonder i have got left......

btw, my phone was really really quiet today! got only 1 sms from bel bel and didnt get any calls until 6pm, when Junie called!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

yes yes yes! i have a new mobile phone!!!! i am soooooo glad, after 3 mths of hussle n meeting loads of pain in-the-ass salesmen, i got my beloved 7650! big is as it may be, but it has so many more stuff in it. and's only a 1year contract and i got the phone for Free! hiak hiak....

i will be sending out a mass email to let you all know what's my number. was considering if to put it on my blog, but then again you never know who might be reading it. maybe some creep or ......urgghs. Please feel free to call me on my uk mobile..hee....its incoming calls free! but i bet you all will still call my singapore hp number. maybe i could be mean and stop answering calls on that line.........

what a nice start to a new year! *beaming*

Friday, January 03, 2003

vincent+desiree+boon>>> i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you 3 sooo much! cant bear to open the dragees u noe, think i will stare at them for the next 3 mths first. heh. will read the book, then again, think isaac shuold read it too. hiak hiak. and yippie! more bearbricks to fill me room! they are all very lovely! thank you thank you!!!.

now at my sis place awaiting for the morning, then i can get my mobile phone!

Thursday, January 02, 2003

i am back!!! back in my lovely own bed in my hall. a package of the new series 5 bearbricks, compliments of isaac! ahhhhh.....cant wait to open them.....
and desiree+vincent: i have yet to get your box of chocolates....sniff...maybe the postman really did open it and ate them all. =[

updates abt me getting a uk mobile
as i tried and Failed to get the free 7650 online.....i had given up on all hope! but sis has just told me she ordered one on my behalf! so....i should be getting it tomorrow, which is the 3rd here.....will let you all know when i do get it!
eh.....spent new year eating loads of strawberries and kiwi coated in chocolate...basically choc fondue...ooh...shiok shiok. stayed up till 9am, playing cards and Penappa has left for bangkok. sniff...will be 2 weeks w/o my pal... woke up at 5.30pm and sigh, half of the new day is gone.........there's sex n the city tonight. wonder if i should stay on at my friend's place to watch.