Tuesday, December 28, 2004


how was xmas for you all?
mine was spent in TTSH quietly watching dave's mum fall asleep.
poor mum of his has been warded some sort of infection.
but it was all nice and sweet.
a quiet moment to always remember by.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

gut feelings

i always trust my gut feelings....
as somehow or other, they seem to be right.
but what if your heart wants to trust someone but yet your gut feelings are telling you no?
is it just a case of mind over heart?
or something more?

it's going to be fucking xmas.
& i had to let some insignificant bitch ruin my short holiday back home.
curse me all you want, for me calling people names+using horrible language.
i dont even care if you read this blog.
i dont care how you feel.
just go on somewhere and leave us alone.

what's with me and end of years?
it's always fucked up.
at least for the past 3 years.

don't know where i'm going to go from here.
everything seemed nicely planned....
all those long-term goals,
now seem to just mock me for just being who i am.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

i weep...

tears i never expect to shed.
trust i never tot i would lose.
how am i even going to open my mouth to ask?
have i been so guilable?

Monday, December 20, 2004

punk or junk?

i cut my hair.
no pics to show as yet...
but got short fringe and top portion of hair,
while i got longer bits at the back lower bit.
so, go imagine while i think of whats for lunch.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

brother's new flat: the balcony+chill out area.

brother's new flat: the living+dining area.

Tiger all sleeping+cute

another bag i like but i cant buy....cos not allowed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

boring points:

i'm in sg now.
i won 86pounds in the lotto just before i headed back here.
i have yet to gain my appetite.
never feel hungry and the food i eat don't seem as appetising as before.
dave's still in camp.
the new car's Huge.....
trying to park it is a struggle,
but at least i havent not nicked any paint work yet.
hope not to anyway.
this is one weird blog entry.
typing in tiny burst of words.
maybe cos i'm really sleepy.

Friday, December 10, 2004


booty's sitting on my lap now.
will miss her warming up my leg

going, going...

i don't think i've ever found it so hard to leave London for Singapore.
maybe it's cos i know i can never pack light.
maybe it's cos Booty's going back to Liz.
will miss this little terror who:
uses my carpet as her scratching mat,
jumps into my bathtub and expects me to turn on the tap so she can drink from it,
stays in bed with me even when i sleep for the whole day,
never plays with any of the new toys i got her......
another cat's going out of my life.
glad she was my companion for the past few months,
seeing her sitting by the door once i get home.
it sure beats coming back to an empty flat.

tata London.
winter sucks.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

ooohhhh i forgot about it, but i found another Space Invader! =]

Sunday, December 05, 2004

can anyone tell me what's the model name of this aston martin?

gosh, there are SO many Tans in Sg

i am part of the 1.7% of Angs in spore.

i actually really really like this photo. i look like an idiot in it but hey, at least i'm a happy one! =]

end of fashion show. i missed getting a photo of the back of that pink dress!!! arghs

i LOVE this dress.....

walking in a ball...seems fun

a clockwork orange: "i'm singing in the rain..."

cowgals with supershortskirts

nice undies yeah?

went up to Birmingham for the Clotheshowlive exhitbition.
was a tad apprehensive at first about going for it as tickets were going for 20quid,
but it was good!
the fashion show had different themes thoughout, which had the models doing the cowboy dance etc.
also had a part out of Kubrick's "The clockwork orange", which left me a bit uncomfortable though.
i guess if you did watch the movie, you will understand why.

after the show, me+friend realised that we had 3 halls worth of stalls for us to shop thru!!!!
but we only had 1.5hours left before the exhibition closed for the day.
we rushed through and sadly only covered 1/4 of it?
in the end i only bought a poncho for myself,
a bag for sis's friend.
2 t-shirts for dave.
another top for someone's xmas pressie.
that's it.
oh, a stocking full of goodies for booty the cat.

good trip,
besides 2 horrible brits i met on my trip.
oh well.
enough of my bashing england.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


finally got through to Singlepoint today.
they said my phone was being barred cos i had an outstanding amount of 140+pounds.
(yes, i talk+sms that much.... =[ )
so anyway, i did make my payment last week!
so the person checked and said that it was their system that didnt take the payment.
idiots idiots!!!!
now i have to wait for 30mins-24hours before my phone comes back to live.
while i use a pay-as-you-go sim card.
think i am going to write in an complain, this is SO not my fault.

figgerty fick fick

my phone is down.........
tried to make phone calls and all i get is:
"this call is restricted on your phone. please contact your service provider."
but Freaking Singlepoint is experiencing high call volume and i cant get through!!!!!!
my wireless internet is also down down down!
this day sucks.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

i need to, have to... be going home soon. to see dave+candice before my sanity's gone!