Monday, November 21, 2005

Another first...

Official first day of work and it didn't exactly start off great. Got moved to another table that i'm not fond of - nvm i thought. Then i walked in and found that it was in a HUGE mess which i had to clean up... (i'm like what the hell! you all know i'm coming in today)
So anyway the day went by doing little tasks and it's ok. Just feeling a bit neither here nor there 'cos i'm not really in charge of any account yet. On a good note, i have been sent to work in the footwear department and i am going on a trip to China next week!
Got to go.. it's 9 pm and i have to find my own way home - not good news cos i've no idea how to.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bunniful Birthday Cannie!!

Celabrated Candice's birthday last night & it was really nice, with her ever-so-hip parents dancing to the live band & us crazy friends trying to make her drink more more more! Her birthday cake was damn nice - a 'banana rum choc cake', and the booze induced night ended for her with a Bacardi 151. Sorry hun! Hope your feeling alright now & we love you!

'embrace the bag....'

Monday, November 07, 2005


At the rate i am going, i am going to get quite sick of airports. It's not really the flying, it's more of the checking in 2 hours before bit... hate it that i need to get there so early and then roam the airport.

So anyway yes i'm back again. Will be in SIN for about 2 more weeks before i fly off to HK on the 20th to start on my 2 year contract. Wish me luck.... will most likely be hanging out 90% in my office. Good way to loose weight + save moolah.

back to slacking now

Thursday, November 03, 2005

City of bright lights: no time

to breath
to chat online
to really sit down and blog
to walk around to take in the surroundings...

only my trial week and i alreadystarting to feel all drained out.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

City of bright lights: Bag Heaven

So i walked into the office today and was first greeted by two luscious white sofas + flat screen tv on wall showing fashion catwalks... then proceeded into the office area which is nice & good as they just moved in 1 mth ago. Was shown the usual stuff (toilet, pantry etc) then i was led into some corner. The door pushed open and at that moment, i thought i had just died and gone to bag heaven... seriously. It was the showroom and i have NEVER seen that many fashion bags in 1 huge room before! From straw beach bags to the latest Spy bag look alike to to errr... tons of evening bags to metallic fabric tots to... ahhhhhhh


think i have just been cured of my bag-buying habit - I will be talking, eating, breathing & sleeping handbags for the next 2 years. Will take photos tomorrow, if i survive my trip to the wholesale market, which is where i think thousands & thousands of bags will be bekoning me to pick them, touch them & buy them!