Monday, May 30, 2005

this cat bed is so freaking cute!!! i am SO going to buy it. if the cat refuses to sleep in it, i'll use it for something else. ahhhhhh... wish i was a cat now & i will definately sleep in the lovely bed the whole day.


is the perfect feeling+song for now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

i miss the mrt

"In a tunnel south of Baker Street station, three Tube trains were stuck for an hour after points failure due to the heat, a Transport for London spokesman said."

what the hell!
if it's too cold, the tracks get ice & trains get stuck.
if there are too many leaves on the tracks, the trains get stuck.
if it's too hot, the trains get stuck too??!!!
it was just 31 degrees.
thank goodness i wasnt in that train.
last summer me, alvin+candice got stuck in a train for 15mins & we were ready to faint. just imagine 1 hour....
like they say, London is a 1st world city running a 3rd world system.

summer is upon you in London when:

- you see half naked burnt red construction men working
- the skirts get so short and the tops so skimpy,
one wonders just how much skimpier they can get.
- men, including your friendly postman, start walking around in t-shirts & shorts!
- you have to endure oven roasting public transport while hanging on to sticky poles for your dear life.

oh i could bitch on about the summer here but i'm too tired, hot+flustered.
time to buy a fan, huge fan.

Friday, May 27, 2005

if only...

Sam just called to tell me about the Cambridge Beer Festival that's happening now. he kindly suggested that i could pop by later at 5pm to have a few pints, then he will fetch me back to London tomorrow at 4am in the morning.

you know it's not a good sign when

- you only have dinner at 9pm at a crappy chinese restuarant near school.
- it's because you've just finished school for the day.
- you get home at 11pm and realise you have
MOUNTAINS of work to do but your body rebels.
- you end up crawling to bed and not waking up for the next 10hours.
- you even manage to filter out all your sister's screaming about the cat puking all over the flat.

at times like these, i really think my body's giving up on me,
it's gone on a 'i rather just die' mode.
can someone just shoot me or something?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i knew i knew i knew

that somehow Liverpool would recover and win the Champions League!
yes i know you're going to say that it's not very fair cos they went into penalty shootout.
too bad.
life's tough.

meanwhile, i will try to get started on my work again...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


all i want now is this lovely bikini.....
and more actually.

i look fat+tired

i am fat and tired.
Booty's acting cute.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

soooooo excited i can faint!

i've just realised that Charles & Keith has online shopping!
more shoes shoes shoes for me!!!!
but i'm going back soon.
that means i cannot buy any...
can only drool all over my lappy as i go through the site.

so surreal

brompton cemetary - lovely ain't it?

but i'm not a social butterfly.... or so i think

went out for dimsum on sunday with a bunch of friends,
and the topic of how to flirt came about.
one of my guy friend then went:"you're a very good flirt what"
i immeadiately retorted:"no i'm not!"
then we both went silent & the topic was changed.

it's been kind of bugging me.
am i suppose to take it negatively (as i did),
or should it be taken as a compliment?

frankly speaking,
i've never thought i was erm, flirting.
just being friendly what!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

1 aviator - 4 faces

no, it didn't belong to any of us.
think we must have been slightly bored?
yes, i'm the only one who looks horribly bad with it.
just don't get it why i can't find a nice pair to fit my round face....

dunno dunno....

what to buy for Dave's bday gift!
any suggestions?

Friday, May 20, 2005

yeah right....

From: Hot
Tuesday,May 17,2005 13:11:00
Message: Hi, I'm 26, male, Dubai.
Travell a lot to UK for my business, looking for
some cute and sweet friend to have a good time
with when in UK. U seem cute.
U look really HOT and cute, if it is really yur pics,
Mail me back if interested babe.Can promise fun
and no troubles.

and above everything, i go away with lovely hands

internet was down for a while...
i was too tired to get it up & running again.

have been getting home from school only after 9pm,
chomp down some food since i didnt eat in school,
and proceed to 'try & do work'.
before i get so zoned out at 2am that i drag myself to bed,
with every step i take hurting my feet.

this evil cycle has been going on for too long.
to the point that i think i've even lost some weight!
it must be That bad for my body to actually react to it.

10.25pm now.
going to digest my first & last meal of the day while i try and do work.
tomorrow's another day again.
think i've almost had enough of being a student....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Star Wars: my 1st and probably last premiere...

i survived the crowd and managed to get some half-decent photos.
they aint great cos i didnt have a good high spot to stand on & hey, it was raining.
pics pics pics as follows!
p.s. the stormtroopers are just SO charming.



The X-fighter

leaving the premiere & he's so black i cant take a good picture!
below are just stormtroopers, stormtroopers & more stormtroopers.

he's looking at me!!

that's all folks!
not really actually, as my sister got her face painted as Darth Maul but i figure if i post her pic she'll kill me, so just let ur imaginations do the job.
going to warm myself up with a tea now.... think i've got a chill in the bones after standing there for 2 hours.

to catch a star....trooper

ok i didn't make it to school today but i am going to get my butt outta the house for some rain and fresh air.
i've been too cooped up as i havent stepped out of my flat the whole weekend. will go catch sight of my startrooper and the full size X-wing fighter.
tata peeps

Monday, May 16, 2005

oh so fair-a-lady

this is my other 'to-die-for' car but since it's a selfish 2 seater, i will try and pass on it. As if i've got the money for it in the first place.

yeah i got distracted from doing work again....

this is one car i would love to buy if i had the money.
it's only
£20,000 here but an obscene SGD$150,000 back home.
i will continue to dream...

seriously braindead

the previous design cannot be applied because the depth of the dish doesn't allow it...... i'm so tempted to give up the whole idea of doing ceramics but with a whole class of kiasu English classmates doings A LOT of stuff, i've decided to go thru my drawings and tried to apply this design of lines, which i got from the lines left after the sea washes up the sand.

Any comments?
single color on a dish or just a combination of colors?
i feel like a terrible student...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

but i've got school on monday......

It's official at last.
On May 16, the streets of London – or at least Leicester Square – will be completely, totally and utterly overtaken by Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.
Even if a fleet of TIE fighters were to land in the capital,
we're not sure that London
could be more Star Wars-y.

George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Hayden Christensen, Ian McDiarmid, Anthony Daniels and Peter Mayhew are among the confirmed guests at the official UK premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square.

But even if you can't beg, borrow or steal a ticket to that premiere
you can still go along for a whole day of
Star Wars fun.

We're promised a one-of-a-kind celebration of the film's release.
There will be free performances of John Williams' classic
Star Wars music by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra during the day.

Worried about crowding?
Don't be – the 501st UK Garrison of Stormtroopers will be maintaining order in the Square all day.

But what about the films themselves, we hear you scream?
Well, starting at 7am (ouch) you can watch all six films in the saga back to back at the huge Empire screen in Leicester Square.
Starting with
Episode IV and ending with the first public screening of Revenge of the Sith, this is your chance to see Lucas' films all together, albeit not quite in chronological order.

I WANT TO GOoooooooooooooooooooo!


from a flu
from my project which everything seems to go wrong wrong wrong!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


so it's 8.05 am.
i've been up the whole night doing work...
have spent the last hour doodling on an idea.
when it has finally made some 'sense',
i decide to draw it out nicely on a piece of tracing paper.

first i try my bloody expensive Rotring pen,
it doesn't work.
then another Rotring pen,
it doesn't work either.
I resorted to a cheap non-waterproof Stabilo pen,
which draws fine but decides to dry out on me when i'm not even 1/3 done.

i rummage through my pencil case
( it's big ok, not like what guys have = 1 ruler 1 pen 1 pencil )
spotted one and happily try it.
it's dry too!
i bite my lip and dig for another one...
it's another Muji one and it's black!

test it on paper and it's not black enough!!!!!
i feel like i've been bloody vodooed!!

all i want now is some sleep and a nice black pen
but it's time to prepare & head for school.

i can already sense that it's So going to be a great day...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i should never have googled for 'floris honey'

i'm dreaming of this,
but all that's on my table(besides the piles of books) is this....

i love this bean to bits!
but all that's in my mind now is if i should order a whole case of the honey beer.
i want my floris honey...

it's only the beginning of a long journey

i'm trying.... trying to do work. *sigh*

me, me & me

the pic on the upper left was taken on my 21st birthday.
then with almost 3 years in London, i end up chubbier+fairer.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

soaking up the sun at hampstead heath

the hair's ain't looking that great anymore....

perfect for an advert

someday, we will know

There was this little girl,
who one day found a nice big shiny red balloon.
She didn't mean to get a balloon,
but it just floated to her and bobbed around.

It was a lovely balloon,
and the little girl knew it would be nice to have around.
The little girl tied it to herself,
and as she went along her way wandering the green fields of the world,
the balloon bobbed after her.

Everytime she felt alone,
she felt comforted by it.
Everytime she felt sad,
the balloon knew & somehow cheered her up.
Everytime she needed a hug,
the balloon was there for her to.

As the little girl walked on,
she saw other balloons float by.
Sometimes she tugged at them to kind of say hi,
but the red, big, shiny balloon was still hers to have & keep.
She was contented.

No matter how much she poked, tugged, pinched & wailed at the balloon,
it never lost it's gleam,
it never burst.
The balloon continued to be there for her,
following her on her journey.

But the weariness of the world soon got to her.
She felt tired.
She felt lost again.
Even the nice red balloon couldn't make her happy.
Neither did any of those that floated pass her.

One day she realised something...
The very string that connected them felt heavy.
It shouldn't be.
It can't be.
It's just a string, isn't it?

The little girl felt confused.
She couldn't comprehend why,
the nice big balloon was making her feel this way.

She walked on but one day,
it just got too tiring for her.
So she turned to the nice red balloon and cried.

She shed tears of fear.
She shed tears of guilt.
She shed tears of sorrow.

She said over & over that she was sorry,
and untied the very string that kept them together.
But she couldn't bear to let her nice red balloon just float away.

So she did a selfish thing.
The little girl found a tree & tied what was once her balloon on it.

She tied it up high,
where others could not easily reach.
She tied it down with many knots,
so that those who could reach couldn't untie it easily.

The little girl sat by the balloon,
and poured her heart out.
She couldn't bear the thought of losing the balloon,
not to another girl out there.
So she begged the balloon,
"please wait on this tree for me to come back"

The balloon bobbed in the wind,
it seemed to have lost some of it's sparkle.
She wept, asked for forgiveness,
and walked away from her balloon...

Monday, May 02, 2005

eeee....why the ang moh's here so gross one?!

i live in a block of walk-up apartments and lucky me,
i'm on the highest level = 3rd floor.
which doesnt really help because noise travels upwards,
and i end up hearing lots of stupid conversations, lover's quarrels, boys smashing phone booth, polices chasing some running men...
i think you get the idea.

anyway, while i'm trying to read
LMD's blog and still stare at my last piece of Toblerone,
i hear a "burrrrrrrrrrrrp".
like some fat fat huge ang moh who had just burped his 20pints of beer.
i feel sick again.
think i'm not going to finish my choco tonight....

i'm going green...

my cat just caught a moth and ate it right infront of me.
really feel like regurgitating my Toblerone now.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

yes i know this photo looks horrible...

urgh. 2 days later and my bruise is looking SO BAD...
can't wear heels either cos my ankle still hurts.
i'm giving studio 57 the evil eye - not going back anymore.

anyway, i don't think i will be blogging much for now.
my life revolves around me attempting to do work,
while i stare out into the garden and envy those lazing there.

Ooh! but i will be going to Hampstead Heath tomorrow for a picnic!!
will get some photos if i can be bothered to lug my chunky camera out.