Wednesday, July 30, 2003

got an email today about some sappy true love story. then this era of time, what is really love? are human beings really capable of loving someoner else, putting that someone before oneself?

doesnt seem so to me anymore. now everyone talks about their wants, their goals in life, and it's all about themself. guess i was like that for a period of time, where i wanted to be happy, with myself by myself.

but what do i really want? i still dunno. i work, i sleep, i breath, i eat.
yet i am not satisfied.
why do we humans have so many wants? and 90% of those wants are things we know we can never get. then why do we still aim towards those wants?

seems like a lot of ppl are going thru some crisis of the heart at the moment.
i always say, " loving/liking someone doesnt mean you have to be with that person"
words are easy to say, but so hard to put into practice.

again i come to the conclusion that i have all this weird thoughts all because i am an Emo chick. always thinking too much and thinking of 'what if's'.

life should never be about regrets right?

anyway, enough of my thoughts for tonight. the email i mentioned above ended with this:
but I guess everything comes with a reason...but what's the point of driving it out of someone if it's something you don't want to hear in the first place? "I want the truth" ---so easy to say but so difficult to accept.

so very true.

remember: nothing in life happens by chance.

it's all part of God's plan.

Friday, July 25, 2003

got work to do. bleh......

Summer project: submit on 7th October 2003

To create and apply your own designs to a lighting device based on the video of your choice. Choose only one from the following ten movies to work from as the main source of inspiration. An element of your project may be taken forward into production.


General task/aims:
The student should be able to:

- Produce a full sketchbook of ideas in a mixed-media format, based on a wide range of lightning devices. Make a list of lighting devices that interest you.
- Produce an ideas book full of work inspired by and based on the move of your choice.
- Develop a creative well thought out and inspired design solution that demonstrates you have considered your device in the context of your chosen video.
- Paint or collage a range of alternative designs.
- Produce at least 4 design sheets appropriate to your concept.
- Produce and ‘in-situ’ of how your lightning device will look in the context you feel works best.
- Present an A4 folder of market research related to lightning.

Submission format:
The design sheets should be mounted onto A2 paper or card and will be presented at assessment during the first week of the new term.

Watch a selection of the suggested videos to make an informed choice. Consider the style of the film, the era it is set in, the use of colour, lighting, costumes, location and art direction. Think about what you want to take from these films in terms of inspiration, atmosphere and style.
*try to capture the essence and magic of the film and mix that up with some magic of your own. How you use or translate ideas from video to design is up to you. ( don’t be too literal.)

Initial research strategy:
- looking at lighting devices in your own home or in buildings and public places
- look in magazines and catalogues to find examples of lightning. Make notes of prices and sources etc.
- Check out websites, publicity departments of production companies, magazines and old film poster artworks, books and libraries.
- consider the setting for the lighting device e.g. domestic, public, workplace, garden, leisure situations.

Learning outcomes:
On completion the student will be able to:

- Understand the processes of research and the collection of pertinent information.
- Demonstrate the ability to work unsupervised in the collection of research material.
- Understand the main methods of producing lighting devices.
- Demonstrate the knowledge of lightning devices.
- Understand how light is transmitted and filtered through various materials and is powered by a variety of sources.
- Demonstrate knowledge of different light sources.
- Understand how the direction and strength of the light source influences the result.
- Demonstrate and understanding of ambient lighting, task lighting and natural lighting in all its forms.

Monday, July 21, 2003

got back from zouk and supper at 4+am......surfed the net and finally got to bed @ 5.30am. practically dragged myself out of bed three hours later to go cover someone's shift. =/

was practically counting the hours before i could leave work and get my long due exercise. caught the bus service 401 to ECP and met up with 2 couples.... felt a bit extra ah. bladed for an hour and fell down only once! very proud of myself somehow. heee....

think i piled back watever fat i burnt with my dinner of Komalas.

really zonked out now.

ECP was nice. sound of waves really makes the place seem so surreal sometimes.


Sunday, July 20, 2003

save me. i need my sanity back.

thoughts fill my mind. chokes my soul.

emptyness is in me again.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

life's a bore now........ am working my butt off in the choc shop, mondays - fridays 9.30am to 7.30pm. so no life right??? cant really go out to hang around anymore. =( pennapa cant come to singapore anymore........wonder how my bangkok trip will be. or maybe i will just go bali and rot?

sometimes i wonder why i work so hard for the money..... hmmm.
money can buy almost everything....but not everything.

the simple things in life are all i want.... but life is always so complicated yah?

anyway, drove the car out the other day and scratched the bottom of the bumper while parking , and err......on sat night made a nike shaped tick scratch on the side of the bonnet when i hit a wall.

ok ok. i am a sucky park-er.
but i'm just being me!!!!


Monday, July 07, 2003


i also was given like packets of dried mango! yee haa!!

fat piling big time. going to zzz to work tomorrow.

full shift.

cant imagine.

went sentosa with edna and tress to blade today. a lot of erm.....nice young bodies around, but too young lah *grin* although i did walk past this really nice tanned sufer-dude looking guy, who was driving a 7series BMW. *wink wink*

was there for 2 hours, then left for a swim @ candice's place.
just as i thought i had burnt some fat.......candice's mum fed me nice and well again with hokkien mee, bbq chicken wing, otak and dried mango! arghs!!!

never never am i going to loose anyway at this rate i'm going!


Wednesday, July 02, 2003

i've been back a week and i havent got a single chance to drive my mum's car! arghs. and the reason? mum lost one of my 'P' plate.....

guess i will go and buy another set. grr.

hungry, as usual.