Tuesday, February 25, 2003

11.50am: just finished a breakfast of maple syrup oats with pecan nuts, banana and yogurt. ain't going to school cos i need to stay in to finish up my essay due tomorrow. kill me!!!! anyway, my sister has set her eyes on the new LV collection designed by Takashi Murakami. It's an interesting collection....but......poor bf is all i can say. hiak.

check it out at: http://www.vuitton.com/en/emailing_murakami.jhtml and hope that non of you fall for the collection too! *grin*

Sunday, February 23, 2003

the haul of my shopping @ spain:

:: 24 postcards - dun ask why....
:: 6 posters
:: 4 different types of furnishing textile - damn nice! green & pink color combi
:: 3 pairs of campers shoes - 2 are for my sister.....
:: 3 packs of seasoning for cooking Paellas
:: 2 ceremic fridge magnets
:: 2 tops
:: 2 packets of chopped olives in dressing sauce
:: 1 camisole
:: 1 CK innerwear
:: 1 polka-dotted apron
:: 1 mango bag - 4 pounds cheaper than in london
:: 1 MAC blusher - which was dirt cheap, i paid 14.40 euro for it!
:: 1 packet of Filipinos - it's biscuits!
:: 1 box of glaced chestnuts
:: 1 packet of choc coated belgium waffles
:: 1 packet of toasted bread w garlic n herbs

Saturday, February 22, 2003

i am back... too tired, hungry & pissed about stuff to really blog. have yet to unpack...will upload the photos soon.....


Monday, February 17, 2003

ah...was blog hopping when i came to suelynn's blog>> http://teasinggravity.blogspot.com/2003_02_01_teasinggravity_archive.html#89078945 check it out for cat pics. hee...reminds me of the time candice decided to shave her cats herself, n then the professional was called in to do the 'clean up' job & Lucas got a lion cut.
her other cats got trimmed so short, they would squat like n inch from the cold floor while they ate. *grin* i cant wait to get back n see all the cats!!! and i still am hunting for a orange tabby!!!

Sunday, February 16, 2003

valentine's day was a bore....as i had spent the previous night house sitting for my sis with pennapa, we slept late n woke up late. walked through portobello market then pennapa left to go get her visa, while i had to carry my sis's dryclean back home. anyway, we caught "Two Weeks Notice" and it was nice! a very refreshing change of mood compared to final destination 2. *brr* still cant forget the death scenes.

met up with frodine (singaporean who's on a smu exchange programme to france) on sat and as we were @ chinatown, we saw part of the anti-war rally group. they had all sorts of banners & picket signs, either homemade or professionally printed. i managed to pick one off the ground n took a pic with the crowd behind me. hee...cheap thrill i know, but it was all together an eye-opener. the people were all smiling and chanting 'no war' to a tribal drum beat and they were not violent @ all. there were loads of policemen standing around in their luminious green jackets watching the crowd, while a helicopter was spotted circling the area. i wondered was it the media or the police force. walked frodine down to covent garden where she got all excited @ the paul frank outlet, and she bought 2 bags when we got to Mango. i didnt buy anything!

it's now sunday and tonight i am leaving for Gatwick airport. will be catching the second last train of the Gatwick express from Victoria, n reach Gatwick airport @ about 12.30am hopefully. then....the bunch of us will just hang around the airport until we can check in @ 5.45am. not worried about spending time @ the airport but more about their security measures. If they get suspicious of any person/luggage, they will shut down the whole bloody airport!! It just happened last week...so i cross my fingers n pray that it will not happen again.

i will be bringing my singapore moblie line with me so u can cont. to sms me if anything. I doubt my london mobile has roaming so it's going to stay here. will take loads of photo for u all and remember to check out my online album for the demostration photos!

tata peeps~

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

i was going thru some old archived emails of mine, when i came upon one that i signed off as "Panee". Cant help smiling as i think back to my poly days, where i always lacked sleep n ended up with horrible eye rings, thus the nick name "Panda" which then lead to panee.

hmmm.... i must say that the poly days were the best 3 years i have had so far. made a whole bunch of wonderful friends, who taught me so much more about life than i could imagine. & with these friends, we have gone thru thick n thin and loads of crap, heh. Hanging out in our studio space was a total joy!

as i spoke to edna on the phone, i really miss our '5 gals & a guy' outings....and to Cherylann: we will all miss you soooo much & i hate it that i cant be there to send u off.
to the special guy in our group: ah kit, hang in there ok? 5 more mths to go before we can go on our hunt for fishcake sushi!

*hugz* to all my pals, not forgetting carroll!

havent had anything worth blogging. its 4.24pm n i kinda just woke up...missed today's classes. slept in as i could sense a flu coming on and i cannot be sick! i am leaving for seville on sunday!!! grrr.

just got news yesterday that cherylann will be making aussie her home. *sigh*

Saturday, February 08, 2003

caught final destination 2 with pennapa @ UGC Haymarket. the cinema sucks. dun ever go there!!!!
paid 5quids, and the screen was kinda slanted in a weird angle, such that the audience had to sit on the left side of the theatre to get a good view. the MOST irritating thing was that @ the scene where the previous survivor from part 1 was explaining about how the Death's list works to the leading actress (abt the arrangement of who dies first), the sound went off!!!!! *grrr* so if any of you watches it, fill me in on that particular scene.

anyway, the movie was not bad for a sequal, with even more gory death scenes. if you do watch it, try not to eat anything more than chips/snacks during the movie>> it kinda made me lose my appetite for my dinner. Again, it finished with an open ending...wonder if there is going to be a 3rd part to the movie.

going to make a no-bake cheese cake now & i hope it turns out right.....
meeting tessa & aaron tomorrow in the afternoon, then gotta shop for a birthday pressie and then go for gary's birthday dinner. another day gone and i guess no school work will be done. *sigh*

Thursday, February 06, 2003

*burp* hee....had a great dinner @ Thai Rice, to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday. wah....sounds very old huh? well...as i was leaving the place, one of the thai servers asked for my mobile no. gave it to him but hmmm.........not my type though & anyway...aku not in the mood for lurve! heh.

let me recollect what i did today:

- woke up late but went in to class anyway to do a contact print in the closet size darkroom. lecturer didnt know i was late. ha.
- cultural lecture was cancelled, so i went down to a print shop to buy cutting tools, lino sheets and water-based wood block ink. all for 30 Quids!!!! london is a rip-off.
- hurried back to school for cultural seminar group... *yawn*
- finished abt 5pm and headed to check out school's library collection. my campus was totally out of e books i needed for my essay & so me and pennapa decided to head to LCF's campus @ oxford circus to rip some books off them. muahahahha.
- they had a great collection and i ended up with 3 huge books to carry on top of my already heavily laden bag.
- along the streets, i grabbed a bunch of 10 tulips for 5pounds for my sister.
- met up with her n other peeps @ bond st and hopped on the bus to the thai resturant.
- was walking past portobello market when me & pennapa came upon a bucket on the pavement with tulips in them! we grabbed some each. heee....
- then it was dinner!

oops!!! forgot to put my tulips in water and they have started to whilt!


Tuesday, February 04, 2003

its 12.47pm and i am suppose to be rushing out to meet pennapa, but i have to log this in.
it's Snowing again! wahahahahahha..........i am sooooo lucky yah??? bet all the english peeps are cursing under their breath now.

gtg! am late.


i have 24 days more before my cultural essay is due.....and i have only started reading on the 1st of 6 books. i really hope i can write a good one this time, as my previous one got marked down to a 3rd class all because i didnt do my biblography. *grr* regret leaving all my 'communication skills' notes at home..............

the chosen question is:
"Compare and contrast the design theories and practice of William Morris and Christopher Dresser."

easy? i doubt so, with my lack of knowledge in art movement history and lost skills in making proper quote references from books.


just finished a late dinner of pasta (again) and am now trying to munch on a lovely toffee apple i bought from petticoat lane market. it's all red and sweet but the bloody toffee is so thick and hard, i cant seem to bite through! think i will end up smashing it apart. *sigh*

thinking about if i should go for to school to do some work, as class has been cancelled due to staff strike. whats new huh? you get all kinds of strikes here....it really makes me wonder if the problem lies with the government. there's going to be an anti-war protest march on the 15th. should i go?

Monday, February 03, 2003

12.52am:: just finished talking to my sister and it's time to call brother, cos it's their birthday! also just completed my laundry. phew. it was a huge 2 loads of washing, as i had again waited till the very last moment where i ran out of clean clothes to wear before i lugged down my laundry basket. lazy little thing i am.... *burp*

going off now to call bro. tata!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

for those who want camper shoes, please go to the camper shop (1 @ raffles city, 1 @ takashimaya), try on the show for correct sizing, get the model name/number and also the singapore retail price. it will be cheaper in Spain lah...but i dunno how much cheaper. so....if you have a budget, let me know too ok? get all this done by feb 14th!

hmmm.....watzzup for V-day?

also, if you leave a comment ah please leave your name too? me got no physic powers lah. hee

happy lunar new year!

i had an untraditional renuion dinner with my sister and friends. we decided to have belgium instead and thus ended up again @ Belgo. it was good....but i think i over ate again. *hic* really miss all the activities back home: shopping for new clothes, going to marina square to watch fire works on the eve, and visiting my grandad's place and slurping up my aunt's wonderful chicken abalone soup and munching non-stop on those mandarin oranges while travelling around in the car. arghs. funny thing is, i am not thinking much about my red packets anymore....maybe cos i cant get to see, feel or touch them? dunno what my dad is going to do with it too! hope he will be nice and bank it into my bank. hee.

Also, on the very upper left corner, u see this 'comments' thingy, its for you to leave stuff for me. think much more longer than on the tag board. i am trying to move it to somewhere else for now, but i suck @ html! so bear with it ok?

oh! and happy sabbath. =)

p.s. my friend is still in the hospital. the newpaper had an article on her. you can read it @ http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/top/story/0,4136,15031,00.html?