Monday, July 10, 2006

summer weddings

So it's come to July, my 8th month in HK. Getting used to this cycle of work, sleep, china trips, pack room mess, work, rush out to do laundry, sleep....

boring eh.

Anyway, July seems to be wedding season! Can't really blame the July lovebirds, sunshine does give good doses of happiness. =)

Congratulations to Cherylann and Kevin! (That was on 3rd July)
Then there's Isaac and Ju, congrats you sweet couple! (ROMed on 7th July)
Last wedding of the month is of Fook Kian and Min Chin, which is to take place in London, then Sabah and lastly Seoul! Whoo~ If only I can somehow make it for the one in Seoul...

*wrinkling nose*

enough of my boring inputs, have a great July and it's back to dragging the boys out for shopping now that the World Cup is over!

Hurray! *grin*