Tuesday, May 23, 2006

almost killed by that darn machine

So another week has passed... nothing much besides me doing weights for the first time at the gym. I thought I would cry while lifting weights on this machine that works ONLY the thighs. After being coaxed to do 3 reps, each time with heavier weights.... I was ready to call it quits. If only it was that easy to get off the hook... My assigned 'trial' PT refused and pushed me on to others, but at least they were not as bad.

Was suppose to go partying but that gym session really killed me so I decided to rot and watch a midnight screening of MI 3. Spent the whole of Sunday sleeping, a total of 18 hours to be exact. My thighs literally burned... Getting out of bed was a slow+painful process, as in case you did not know by now - I have a loft bed.

Monday was not any better. Walking to the MTR, getting up the stairs to get out of the MTR, every step was agony and I looked like a old duck (groaning with every awkard step). Really thought the muscle pain was to last me for a whole week but today... it's got better to a bearable pain.

So anyway ya lah, finished Yoga class, jumped into the steam room finally and I feel totally fresh! Just got no where to go but home... *pout*


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


So anyway yes I have conformed and joined a gym.
It's brand new, just opened start of May and it's 5mins walk from my flat.
(depends on the Mongkok human traffice though...sometimes it's 10mins + a lot of grunting)

I go for yoga... yoga...and more yoga.
Have yet to check out the Step classes yet and last Sunday I went to Spinning classes.
Thought I would have dropped off the bike and faint of exhustion....
My head was spinning and my face went bright red.

Dunno how they people can take this class! Apparently it's the best way to loose weight from the lower body + get a tone butt.

Oh well... at least now I have a reason to leave work earlier 3 times a week.

Will write again when I have something nice to talk about. Off home now to nurse my poor body... with sleep of course!