Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i lurve it!

these are the 3 colors i have for my hair now.
nice nice nice??

why do we fall bruce?

Just testing out the new photo function of Blogger. After months of making use Hello + Picasa they've finally come up with this. Anyway i watched Batman Begins the other day and it's really good. Christian Bale looks so hot when he's in a suit and even sexier when he has his mask on! 'cos that's when one notices how sexy and lovely a smile he has! The dialogue was good too and i am currently googling the web for the phrase that Katie Holmes said to him. It's the one that goes something like "it's not who you are beneath but what you do that matters".

If anyone who reads this knows the exact line, please please please leave it under my comments ok? So as to end my agony + me staring at the web for hours. Think i will stop gushing about the guy & movie, before Dave gets all too jealous (of me) as he hasn't watched it yet. *hee hee*

So anyway, if you have not watched Batman Begins, go watch it. At 2 1/2 hours and with such a gorgeous hunk, great effects and Tom Cruise's latest chick in it: it's definately worth your money!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

six hours of my life went by...

and now i've got a new cut that consists of 3 colors on my head and non of my natural color left. My fav is the lightest color, as it turned out slightly pinkish. The overall hairstyle is really short but great for summer. Just have to find out how to style it normally, without the use of hairspray. (but i can already imagine blowdrying my hair everyday. urgh)

Friday, June 24, 2005


The cat was up to her funny sleeping habits again. Now that my sister is away, Booty is free to sit on the sofa and laze there all she wants. So when i did my usual check on the cat, i caught her stretched out this way and just laying there motionless. She would open her eyes & squint at me and then drift off to sleep again....

100% leather leh...

Since last summer, I have been hunting for a bag of this shape/function. I kept my eyes peeled for anything like it when i was roaming the streets in London or Spore and even got Dave and my sister to keep a look out for me. So naturally when i spotted it at Topshop, i bought it. It's now at home with me, hanging on a door handle while i try see how it goes with my stuff. It's 100% leather, big+roomy, soft and it's the shape i want!!!! BUT, it's not cheap. *sob* it's £63 after a measley 10% discount... which converts to like almost SGD$200! *sigh* Dave gave me $200 to spend on anything i want & i think it's silly to spend it all on 1 bag (or maybe the issue is that it's a Topshop bag). How? Should it stay or go? hmmm......

Thursday, June 23, 2005

i survived

the trip to Gucci.
only helped a friend to get a wallet.
i didn't buy anything for myself.
eventhough i spotted a really nice bag with blue trimming at £180 (at 50% off of course). although now i don't know if i'm feeling pround of myself for not giving into temptation, or if i'm feeling sad for letting the bag go and seeing it being bought by someone else.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

what is a girl suppose to do?

I admit that i have a thing for bags & shoes, but which female species out there doesnt'?

Today marks the start of the UK Summer Sales.
Today is the day where names like Gucci+Prada go half-price.
Today is the day that i want to just hide at home and drown myself in misery.

Because i know i do not need another pair of shoes
(but shoes wear out...)
Because i know i do not need yet another bag
(bags last for ages and i can mix & match)
Because i know i do not actually have my own money to spend even if i want to (i need to win the lottery or something cos i can't get a job yet)


All that 50% discounted shopping and i cannot do anything!!!
Makes me just want to skip town now and say i've never heard of anything called the Summer Sales....

Monday, June 20, 2005

you know it's too hot

when the cat starts sleeping in weird position.
it's like "arghs so hot, let my limbs hang out and hope i can cool down...."

we can never say what we feel

my sister's wasn't in town that's why she's not in this photo...

Before i even write about my trip to Cambridge, i just want to say i feel guilty for missing Father's Day. I erm, saw all the posters in London but i thought that since uk has a different Mother's Day date from Spore, then the same will happen for Father's Day right?

so apparently i have presumed wrong & only found out when i came across all the blog entries about fathers.....

I just hope that my dad had a good sunday resting at home and didn't slog it away doing housechores. Love my daddy, but we're from 'a typical chinese family' where we never say whatwe really feel. My dad firmly belives that all he can do is to bring us up as well as he can & provide and keep providing till he deems that we are ready to stand on our own, and even then they will still provide. (Am thankful i wasn't born in a typical American/English home, where i would have to pay my own way once i've turned 18 yrs of age)

If not for my dad's decision to part with an obscene sum of dosh, i would never have made it to study in London. I heaved a huge sigh of relief when i got my results (was shaking with fear while on the tube to get it) and it will only be totally over for me when i graduate for real on 21st July.

My dad's not coming for it, only mum+sis will attend. Really wish that he could, but i know he hates flying and he needs his bowl of rice with every meal. Dad told my sister that once we're all back in Spore, he wants the family to take a "quan jia fu" (family potrait) with us 3 kids in the graduation gown. (so typically Singaporean but i guess it's the only way for my parents to have a visual proof of their accomplishments)

I will always be thankful that he gave me this chance and although i don't know how, i will repay him somehow, someday, somewhere. As i typed this entry, i remember another reason why i am not keen to stay on to work here: I want to go home so that my dad won't be so bored. All he has now it my mum and the cat and i know he needs someone to talk to sometimes....

apologies if you read this entry and was hoping for something about Cambridge. Didn't intend it to be so long+totally off my initial topic+boring+sappy+talking in circles.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Primrose Hill

I've been here for so long and never been up there, so Clinton you're a lucky guy! It was only a short climb (in my heels....) but the view was great. No wonder why Jude Law likes to walk his dog here. I didn't have my digi cam on me, so i had to rely on my camera phone. Ain't the guys photogenic?

to windsor to windsor, to eat a fat duck

a little road trip and all we really saw of windsor castle was the long walk, which is really really really long!!! one can hardly see the end of the path.

the guys caught off guard. heh (don't kill me)

and of course, what's a trip without a self taken photo of me!

i don't even know if this is part of the castle but anyway, i think the best view was when we were driving towards the castle & the whole castle could be seen.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

never knew it would hurt so much

what started as a beautiful day out has ended with me feeling really crappy, down and lost. I sit here and stare and think and wonder why things turned out this way. maybe i just have to remind myself that i am not...

i dunno what to say.
i'm just feeling really sad.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

hello mum?

"i got an Second Upper for my degree!"
"is that a 2:1?"
"ya it had better be a 2:1, cos if it's 2:2 i'm not coming for ur graduation"

that's my mum for you.

Monday, June 13, 2005

knn, wa eh zui leh?

piece of shit Thames Water has conveniently 'disrupted' my water supply, AGAIN! &%*%&$^%&!!!!! i just want to shower and get out into the lovely sun for some sunshine therapy before i get my grades later....

i'm nervous

just got reminded that by tomorrow 5pm, i will get my grade for 3 years of slogging in the uni. i really don't know how that moment is going to be and how it's going to end. i'm so afraid. will it be tears of joy or disappointment? will i even be able to open the brown envelope that holds the slip of paper?

hard to believe that in the end, it boils down to just 1 sheet of paper.
for all you know, i will get a nervous breakdown and start eating the petals of the lovely peonies that Tze Lin got for me. so sweet of her ain't it? besides the flowers Dave got for me last summer, she's the only other person to buy me any here. oh no,i'm tempted to pull the petals already....


Congratulations renee, you are...

Scarlett Ting of

You are independent, smart and beautiful. Its too bad you don't see that yourself because life's little difficulties brought down a lot of your self confidence. As a result, you talk cryptic and you don't trust people easily. You care a lot for your friends and your loved ones, sometimes even more than you care for yourself, although they don't always seem to appreciate it. Don't let that affect you. As the saying goes, you don't miss the water till the well runs dry. So hang in there, you're a star in the making.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

hmmm... i've never read her blog. will do so once i am officially out of school and a bummer

Sunday, June 12, 2005

i wonder what happened to them

Indecent Obsession had nice songs like 'lady rain' & 'fixing a broken heart'. i can still remember singing to them at the top of my lungs...that was back in secondary school days. Wow. A decade has passed and i'm still studying. Heard from a friend that one of my ex was getting married this June. All the blessings to him (although we have not spoken for... yeah, 10 years) but 1 question though>> why get hitched so young? (he's only 25 this year)

hmmm... anyway when are my best mates getting hitched?? i want to be a jie mei! Yes this post is not really making sense, so just erm continue down to read the lyrics of the song if you want to.

Lady Rain
There were times when the sky would bring me nothing
Except the smell of the rain at summertime
So I left my window open just to let you come inside
Saying that you'd never leave me was a lie

Well there were times that my eyes were filled with water
But all the world was desert dry
So I hugged my pillow closer and I tried to close my eyes
But the sound of distant thunder made me cry.....

Lady Rain,I heart you at my window
Lady Rain,I need you softly falling on my face
Why did the sunshine come and take you away?
I'd wait for you again ,my Lady Rain.....

I hear the sound of her breathing in the darkness
And autumn rain can turn to snow in the night
I'll be sleeping this September,but I'll leave the fire light
Just in case you feel like coming 'round again

Lady Rain,I heart you at my window
Lady Rain,I need you softly falling on my face
Why did the sunshine come and take you away?
I'd wait for you again ,my Lady Rain.....

And late at night,when you pour down on me
You're just in time to wash all the tears away....

Friday, June 10, 2005

my dear = dragon?

you know the chinese saying: "nan ren sanshi yi tiao long"?
well, my dearest Dave is officially a 31 years old today!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
oops. (hope he's not sensitive abt his age)
hmmm... really cant wait to get home to spend proper time with my guy, especially since now he's in the age where men are soooo desirable! i've been so busy with my work the past weeks that i've not been able to shop for a decent present. i don't want something cheesy or something typical.
now i wish i was a guy lah, it's so much easier buying things for girls!

on another note:
yes i'm done but i won't be really celebrating till after monday the 13th. that's when my results come out. i'm crossing my fingers that i get at at least a 2:2, although i really want a 2:1. don't think i can get a 1st....

Monday, June 06, 2005

wanna play virtual pacman?

i never knew that Singapore was developing a VR version of this childhood game. read more about it at
the people in the photo look really silly though.

i was even taxed £7.82!

if you're ordering from Victoria's Secret and having it posted to anywhere out of USA, here's a piece of advice:
DON'T even bother paying 3usd for giftwrapping.
cos' all they do is shove a shrink-wrapped box into the package.
NO, the items are not placed inside the giftbox.
what's the point then?
It doesnt even resemble a gift in anyway.
Stupid stupid people who pack it at the warehouse.

enough ranting.
thank you dear dear for the present!

It is done

i cant seem to get a decent photo with everything in.
have to make do i guess:
this is the overall look, followed by shots of other bits close up.
too tired to explain for now, so just ask questions if u want....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

pseudolin tempted me to go through Bluefly too and i've spotted this dress. i want i want i want!! anyone living in the USA willing to let me post it to them? cos it costs too much to shop international from the online shop.....

5mins later i click on it to "add to basket" and it's sold out.