Monday, September 04, 2006

today was the first time I...

cried over a shoe.

I had left 1 side of my shoe in a corner at work and forgot about it till 2 days later... by the time I went hunting for the shoe, it was gone!

Asked around office today and my colleague went:"ah that white dirty looking shoe ah? that's yours ah? I threw it out! thought it was a 'thing' left behind by some 'dirty spirits'"


That shoe was new new new from UK! Only wore it 3 times ok????!!!!!

I'm now left with the other side of the shoe and I dunno what to do. Don't even want to look at it but I don't want to trash it either.


my shoeeeeee.......

well in any case that you did not know, I love my shoes - each and every single one, be it cheap or expensive!

to hk to hk to kill dave in ocean park

and then we had dim sum...