Monday, October 31, 2005

freebie III - HK

kinda weird to sleep alone with another empty bed

erm tv, desk, main door...
I've got free internet connection in the service apartment that the company has got for me! It's not huge but cosy & just nice... though i do wonder what will male guests think when they see the purple drapes and bedcovers. I like it though but as much as i would like to stay here longer, it's too much like a hotel room - not homely enough. Got to go unpack some clothes to wear tomorrow and pray i get up on time to make my way to Marco Polo Hotel to meet my manager.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

freebie II

Inside departure hall now and free internet's everywhere. I seriously love Changi airport... anyway this is the first time i've got so much time for me to slowly walk through duty free. Usually, i'm running and huffing to get to my gate which always seem extra far away. There's is group of 'students' all in red blazers... i wonder who they actually are. Team Singapore? Ok i'm blabbling nonsense again. Will go back to shopping & hope CX's service is good!


At Pacific Coffee Company now at Changi Terminal 1. Have been here since like 2.30pm and my flight's 6.30! oh well. Ooopsss.. got to run! Dad wants to go off in time to buy his 4D. Hope i get to blog from HK~ tata

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thank goodness Miyagi likes beer!

I've got a message from Dave!!! All the way from their ulu base camp in Rockhampton with a canteen that the men track to everyday for some beer. Apparently beer costs the same there as coke so obviously you know their preferred choice... Thanks to Mr. Miyagi out there too and Mr. Brown for putting it up!

Dave called me last night and told me to check Miyagi's blog (which i do everyday anyway...) and i found it odd that he was 'insisting'. So i checked, it was the entry on Miyagi thinking of his beehoon with fishcake+luncheon meat. Told Dave and thought i heard a tinge of disappointment. Anyway he said nevermind, just continue to check it when i can, which is what i did the first thing this morning! (not that early morning lah, i woke up at 11.30only)

Wont be getting any sms or calls from Dave till he returns back to camp on Sunday, it's tough but this will carry me through.

Now i've got this silly smirk on my face.
It's definately my best morning ever.

cant imagine the many more ugly tanlines he will get from another 4 days out in the sun. *hiak hiak hiak*

Thursday, October 20, 2005


so now Dave's in some camp in some desert with some Kangeroos roaming around them... and i'm bored bored bored!!!! Got no internet at home and my lappy's battery cannot survive a trip out to Mac's to use their WiFi, so i've resorted to drive all the way to my brother's flat. Typing this while i sit on the cool cement finish floor, jazz playing in the background and his two cats playing around with something that tinkles...

ahhh... very peaceful here actually. would so love to buy a flat in this vacinity but i got no moolah. work work work! i need work!

then again i do have that job option in HK...

i'm going brain dead staying home to watch my cat sleep and going through the dvds of Lost.

wonder how Dave+Mr Miyagi are in Aussie now....

Monday, October 17, 2005


I've got no internet at home and with Dave going off to Kangaroo land tomorrow, there's no other place to have internet access! *pout* Anyway i'm still considering my HK offer as it's not really that good enough to live comfortably...

It's been weird being back.
So many new shops, new pubs, new clubs.
I'm actually a tad scared to venture out.
Doesn't help that Cannie is not in town to party with me too!

Should i stay or should i go....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

back.... for now

Greetings from an internet cafe in Stamford House. Ain't got no internet access set up at home and i feel kinda rediculous that i have to resort to an internet cafe. Anyway, just parked Dave's car in City Hall (no i didn't trash it) and since i can't shop, i will blog.
Somehow i managed to check in 55kg worth of luggage without a hitch or even a look from the counter staff! She even told me that my main luggage was too heavy at 34kg and told me to transfer some stuff to another pieace of luggage. (btw, i checked in 4 pcs)
So anyway i am too lazy to type anymore but yeah, i'm back in Singapore. You all know my Sg number so call me... as i lost all my contacts along with my lovely 6230. *sob*
Oh, i might be going to Hong Kong... to work.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

not exactly the sort of jetsetting i had in mind

back from Dublin.
i've been flying every 2 days.
need to pack flat.
leaving tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

wish you were here

too tired to blog

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