Friday, October 31, 2003

just filled up and online application form for a part time job @ Selfridges! It's for a position in the gift section. cross my fingers that they will short-list me!

pay is 6.91/hour and it's a 8 hour shift a week, split between thurs & fri.

which earns me 55.28/week or 221.12/month.

not alot i know but it's better than nothing!

happy halloween to those peeps in spore! i've yet to get myself a pumpkin...hmmm

anyway, went to MinistryOfSound last night. 5 pounds for cover as it was student night.
overated and overhyped.
or maybe cos student nights are never suppose to be good?

next up: Heaven for halloween.


Thursday, October 30, 2003

the rainy season has started.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

was in chinatown on sunday, so gave one last shot for the "air ticket hunt".
KLM: depart 15th dec, return 8th jan = 698pounds inclusive tax = too expensive.
i promise this will be the last time i talk about the air ticket here.
so now it's confirmed :: i am staying for christmas holidays.
*blink* *blink*

Saturday, October 25, 2003

i hate london.

waited 2 hours to speak to the emirates booking officer.
no space.
fully booked he says.

guess i am fated to spend xmas here.


Friday, October 24, 2003

queued up for 2 hours in the freaking cold just to get into the home office building.....then when trying to pay for my application, both my CC got declined. not a good sign huh. anyway......went on to wait another 2 hours for my turn to 'see' the officer.

only got a one year visa till oct 2004.
and the reason?

him: "oh, you school is not a university."
me: "but my school has uni status!"
him: "but your school letter head doesnt say so."

what kinda Lame excuse is that?
if you want to freaking earn my money by issuing only one year, just say so!


Thursday, October 23, 2003


room's cold.
eating toblerone even when my throat's itchy.
think i'm going to suffer for it.

later in the morning i'm going to the home office to get my visa extended and pay the british bas****s 250pounds just for a chop in my passport.


they better give it to me.
i hope.
i pray.
went for a party last night organised by the indonesian-malaysian society of LSE & Imperial. the place was nice and classy, with nice low lighting and massive sofas.

but they were playing R&B again!

stayed on till 3 and had to send 2 gals back home..... then the task of getting home was a b***.

it was raining and really cold.
no umbrella, no nightbus that we could take.

me & ming ended up walking like 30mins in the rain just to get to some other bustop with some bus that heads back to town so we could change bus.

that's it. no more parties for a long long time.


Monday, October 20, 2003

i give up.

did a web search and all the flights are costing at least $2000 sing dollars.

should have bought it before i even left spore.

as cliche as Friendster may be, i thank God for it because i've found many long lost friends.
i do mean long my kindergarten mate and a childhood pal.

now all i want to do is be back in spore for xmas so i can catch up with them.....

anyone got lobang to get affordable airfare?

i highly doubt so.

think i'll end up sulking in london.

it's a monday

::didnt wake up for class.
::blocked nose
::achy body
::stomach growling...

Saturday, October 18, 2003


i'm finally getting physically tired...but my room is freaking cold!!!
heating is not on.

i give up.
going to hide under my duvet.
maybe next time i'll go steal an extra duvet from ming.
it's been 3 1/2 hours since i got home.
didnt have dinner. feeling abit hungry now but it's too late to eat.

feeling slightly better after playing around with my blog.
maybe pink just cheers me up that tiny bit.

still emotionally down inside.
how's this color scheme? too pink?
today was my sister's graduation. was suppose to be seated by 10.40am but i got there at 11am...well managed to get in anyway. after seating thru a super long speech by the principal and the neverending certificate presentation, i was running all over campus in killer heels to take photos for her.

what was nice was that the sky was clear and blue....

rotted at pub and just talked & talked. went on down to topshop so sis, her bf & her friend could shop. i didnt buy anything.

hopped on a bus home and along the journey, away from the human traffic and noise, i suddenly felt very very lonely.

think i'm in one of my cranky moods. those depressive ones. dun think being home alone on a friday night helps any better. it's like every single friend i know has a smashing good time in london, but i am not totally into london and i just don't understand why. could it be that i don't drink and just somehow feel different about this city as compared to other people?

i realised and admit one thing: i am an attention seeker. not from strangers, but from those ppl around me. i crave for a friend's concern, listening hear. i never feel empty back in spore. is london just so different from what i have in spore?

it's just that at the end of the day, i dun feel contented at all. maybe it's just today cos i wasted the whole day doing nothing fruitful. maybe it's my cranky emotional side seeping out again.

i should be happy. i have people who love me. or is my past just creeping out on me and draining me out unconsciously? there are somethings that just cannot be erased... but i tried.

don't even have the strength to focus on my school work.
JUST WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? can someone please tell me?

i am feeling so so so lost and yet all i can do is sit in my room, type this and wipe away the tears that i don't want to shed.

i don't see my value in this world anymore.

maybe all this output is just crap.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

got an external project brief to do!

Furnishing Textiles: Global Spirit or Comfort Zone

consumers increasingly seek security within their living space. fashion now surrounds and envelops. fashion informs interiors and interiors inform fashion; all edges are blurred. the jury welcomes submissions from all forward thinking students, interested in fabric innovation both through fabrication and imagery.

Produce a design collection for a living space. your collection should be for one of the following themes:

option 1|Global spirit
influences: inspired by the 21st century normad, a collector of information, influences and artifacts from a myriad of differing cultures, rituals and philosophies, the trophies displayed and reflected in the living space, contributing to and reflecting lifestyle. time is suspended. traditional can be combined with comtemporary. opposites attract, then harmonise, resulting in new and exciting concepts. east meets west. the northen hemisphere informs the southern hemisphere. the tango meets the waltz. mexican senoritas sleep under subtle chrysanthemums and eastern dragons. ancient continents flirt with edgy manhattan and L.A street style. in a complementary rather than confrontational ambience, anything is possible!

option 2| the Comfort zone
influences: inspired by a desire for personal retreat, away from the frenzy of eletronic communication and the 24/7 work ethnic where leisure and work time collide and blur, the home becomes the nest, the cosy den, the cocoon, the escape, the comfort zone. this theme serves to create harmony and an atmosphere of well-being, stillniess and comfort. the santuary and solitude of the desert, the mountains, drifting through deep crystal clear lagoons and cotton wool clouds, languishing in cool, luscious rainforests. color provies a refuge; fabrics are natural emulating the wrap around qualities and sensuality of downy and fine felted wools, cashmeres, velvets and luxurious cottons. an eye on the past but with a view to future!

unlimited spending powet, well informed, fashion forward comsumers, who have an appreciation and concern for both traditional and non-traditional imagery, technique and decor, appreciative of the past yet receptive to change through innovation.

- to produce an exciting and innovative fabric collection consisting of core products and related accessories for a domestic interior
- to demonstrate understanding of target market lifestyle
- to research and experiement using innovative combinations of techniques, media and color
- to demonstrate the use of drawing through initial research and finished designs
- to demonstrate consideration of scale, layout and color

the jury will be looking for original concepts and ideas with finished designs relating well to the target market. the brief is about innovation and emphisis will be placed upon good design developement of an idea. you should choose a particular room within a domestic setting, focusing upon core products such as curtains, upholstery and so on, with a consideration of how they will work alongside other accessories/products such as cushions, wall coverings, floor coverings and lighting. only original drawings and color studies should be used. although these can be supplemented with original photographs and computer aided design. it is important to convey the end use of designs effectively through a room visialisation/illustration.

*which one should i go for? i am usually a global spirit kinda person but thought i go do something different this time. unfortunately comfort zone is the harder of the two. what does comfort mean to you? what kind of colors, feeling do you relate to comfort? leave me a msg on my comments section! thanks.*
i am falling sick!!!!


got a funny throat and a nose that is starting to block up!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

lestat: here's snowy on my nice purple duvet. *grin*

made it to school to only collect a letter and buy sketchbooks. didnt go up to studio cos i know my lecturer would so kill me.

i got a 3 day week! mon- wed, 10am - 4.30pm.

Monday, October 13, 2003

"can i dissolve into you,
allow me to fall into the sky so blue
and surround me
with every color in youtr heart to sooth me,
and then we'll wake up in the warming sun."
i promise i woke up this morning with the whole intention to go to school.
was awake at 7am......lazed on in bed then eek eek...the internet called to me.

fixed my breakfast of cereal, banana & milk and sat down infront of my lappy.

my adsl is running! woo hooo!! will be online 24/7 from now on.

maybe that means i will do crap for my 2nd year? no no! i cannot. i need to get myself a first class.

anyway, after the breakfast, it was already 9.15am. stayed on the net a tummy ache....then by the time i took a dump and showered, it was 10.

i start classes @ 10.

so now i'm sitting here, surrounded by the piles of books, papers and those needful things, wondering if i should go in for classes after lunch.

i havent finished my work! arghs.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

watched KillBill last night and boy is it violent! hmmm... it's rated for 18 here so i do wonder what it will be for in spore. maybe heavily censored? it's a movie for anime fans cos of the way it's done and besides, there is really no kinda plot.

la la....

before the movie, i moved the remaining of my stuff from my friend's place.... i am so going to start throwing away stuff i swear. i had this box of like books and junk which was so heavy i couldnt even lift it up...had to tumble it along. in the end i had to open it and make 3 trips up and down using a bag to contain the stuff.


why am i even an art student? artist have the tendency to hog and keep little bits of everything, thinking it's going to come into good use one day for a project. BUT when the day comes that you need it, you will never find it cos it's lost in the abyss of the other 'needful things'.

just what is really needful?

hmmm..... God and someone to love?

Friday, October 10, 2003

aint blogging lately cos.....i actually got my adsl connection running but i dun have a modem!
so duh.

anyway, my snail mail address is:

flat 3
11 Agate Road.
W6 0AJ
United Kingdom.

i will write soon, just that i dun have my address book with me at the moment!

Friday, October 03, 2003


basement jaxx and evanescence are going to perform in london!!

i wanna goooooo.

oh anyway, this is the original before photoshop effects picture.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

someone just got arrested on my street. saw the policemen running after him and pinning him to the wall.

hmm...seems to be for harressment. the guy was shouting to this gal " terese, i love you" over and over again.

saw a nice police beemer car too.


i am suppose to do worrk.

home alone. pennapa's gone house hunting. and yet i refuse to do my work.

internet. you are evil!!!!!!!!

anyway, more pics of me with short hair.
no i dun love myself.
i'm just bored.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

oh. if you do read this blog and see the "meowwwww" right at the bottom of each post, it's actually a comments thingy.

arghs arghs

i got 5 days to settle my summer project.
got no materials besides poster color and acrylic paint.

let's see how i die.

and i freaking left my usb2.0 card back home!!!!
dun think anyone is as dumb as me.