Tuesday, December 31, 2002

ah..went back to the Aztecs exhibition today and when me and penappa got there at 12.30pm, there was a long snaking queue infront of us!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt believe my eyes! was wondering what the blooody occasion it was? its just a monday.......
well..queued for abt 45mins in the rain (luckily i brought out my pink umbrella =P) and it was so crowded inside. everytime i stopped to sketch and artifact, i could feel someone breathing down my neck, trying to see what i was drawing. bleh. finished finally at 5.30 and...i actually didnt see all of the items! anyway, it was still pouring and so we couldnt go ice skating... =(
another time i guess.....

dunno what to feel towards the coming new year. hope it will be better for everyone, especially for wan ying!

btw, >> Tress! i got your xmas card today! it was postmarked the 17th dec, but it took 13 days to get to me!!! thats how slow the post office works i gues.heee. thanks alot!

Happy New Year to you all in Singapore!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2002

read about this if you are free. explains about what wan ying has been dignosed with.




There is very little treatment for viral infections other than for herpes viruses which are treated with an anti-viral drug Acyclovir. Rest is important and peace and quiet to allow the body to fight the infection. Other medication is given to treat specific areas affected e.g. anti-convulsants for seizures, antibiotics to prevent other (bacterial) infections, sedatives to keep the person calm. If the inflammation is serious, heavy sedation may be given and the person put on a life support machine. This takes over all body functions allowing the body to rest totally and concentrate on fighting the infection.]

Saturday, December 28, 2002

it's the 28th, and heard wan ying is not getting better. ='[
sigh, wish i wasnt so far away!

"prayer is the breath of the soul"

Friday, December 27, 2002

i err..just heard how bad wanying's situation is. i dunno how to explain my feelings now...... but but i know that God has his ways.
pray is all i can do.... and pray i will.
i miss every single one of you all soooo much, i wish i was there with you all right now. ='(

" there can be miracles, when you believe"
ello ello! its boxing day! spent xmas night playing cards and downing water again, but this time i had soooo much water, i think i was practically 'water high'. is there such a thing? just came back from dinner, had chinese. hee...first proper meal in 3days! have been munching on peanuts, chocolate digestive biscuits, pringles, bananas, oranges, pizza, fish fillet, fish fingers, french toast, nachos, cheese biscuits, french fries....and and....ooh....chocolates and turkish delights!
hee......feel fat reading what i have thrown into my system? weighed myself and i am still 50kg! so i can eat some more. Yippie!!!!

so that's about it.
i spent christmas playing PS2, playing cards, downing loads of water, snacking n sleeping on the sofa.

maybe i'll go shopping tomorrow. they have mega huge post-xmas sales! =P

Thursday, December 26, 2002

*yawn* its 5.40pm on christmas day and i havent stepped out the house! dun think i will be, shops closed, nothing ard.
watched Don Q, the ballet on tv, followed by Thunderball, the James bond show. Wow! Sean Connery looks so diff when he was younger, but he looks better older. heh
the main female in the show, Domino, she POWER!!!! super chio. now going to surf online to find out more about her. hee.....

"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow......"
if only =)

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

ahhh...merry christmas peeps! it's 2.59am here. i'm at junie's & yu tsang place again and were just playing cards & PS2. heh...squirmed my way out of drinking alchohol when i lost at the card games, but was made to drink Loads of water! now feeling super bloated> near to the point of puking. =P

xmas is really really quiet. sigh....
wish i was back with you all!
miss each and every single one of you loads!

hmmm...why the 7210??? its got no camera! hee....
reasons, i need reasons.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

it's eleven now, taking a break from writing the remaining cards. *yawn* i dun believe it! i woke up so late but i am already feeling tired......
ahhh...i have yet to get a mobile phone, but i spotted an online promotion. i can either get the nokia 7210, or the 7650 for free!!! heee.... the conditions are> 1 yr contract and 27.99 (pounds of course)per mth for the talk time, but i can change talk time plan after 3 mths!

Opinions Opinions!!! which phone to get? the slim 7210 with a horrible keypad, or the bulky but savy 7650 with built-in camera??
please leave your suggestions on my tag board> that little column on the lower left!

erm....got woken at 12+ i think but my body refused to budge and i lazed in till 3pm.
then....realised that i havent finish writing my xmas cards!!!! arghs....rushed through the 1st batch and rushed out to post them.
now...i have to settle the 2nd batch.

so.....be prepared....my cards will be very very very late.
it's the thought that counts yah? heh

*Sigh* think christmas here sucks. All the shops will be closed and there will be no public transport! except for those black market taxis.
lso, i've only got my Hong Kong flatmate, William for company. the whole place is sooooo quiet.
will have another Singaporean gal moving in with me for a week or so, cos her school hall totally shuts down & kicks the students out!
Thank God for my hall.

Monday, December 23, 2002

woke up at 2pm, went on the net and chatted with friends till now > 6.33pm. most have gone to sleep, so now it's back to quiet time for myself. i look around my room and it's still messed up, guess i'll have to clean it up soon.....
was feeling really up and perky after a conversation of spiritual stuff with G.T. figured then that i would be better and handle my feelings better.

then had my conversation with him (not G.T), but i kinda made him upset with me, and i felt down again.

why do i get so easliy affected?
i think it's time to let go of things soon, and clean up this little mess i've created.
feelings + emotions really screw people up.
it's screwed me up.

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on you own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

maybe i just have to let God handle it all and bask in his love..................................

psalms 52:8
but i am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God;i trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

::woke up like 1pm today.
::too late to go for service.
::killed time by going onto the net.
::made a call back to my parents.
::heard the usual naggings but felt somehow better after the call.
::finally got my lazy ass out of the flat at 3.15pm to meet sis and friends.
::got to bond st, bought a bagel and sat around listening to their conversations.
::went to Selfriges ( a huge department store ) to get somemore last minute gifts.
::i ended up with more chocolates and sweets for myself.
::bought a Lindt bar, a nougat bar, and a box of turkish delights.
::had dinner at Wagamama, a modern westernised Jap restuarant.
::western 'cos the food doesn't taste anything like Jap food.
::went to a pub to have after dinner conversations.
::swirling ciggie smoke kinda put me into a dazed mode.
::clothes stink of smoke.
::headed for home @ 11pm by tube.
::missed the last bus to bring me up the hill that i have to walk up to get home.
::decided to flag a cab.
::was a quick ride & the driver was pleasant.
::ride cost me 4.20pounds.
::now it's 1:14am and i am sitting on my bed, typing this and feeling really really empty.
::maybe it's just the holidays, leaving me with too much time to kill and have weird thoughts.
::i think i have changed.
::i no longer am the bubbly cheerful person i was.
::i shut myself from the people here.
::and talk to only a handful of my classmates.
::i was never like this.
::always thought i was 'friendly'.
::people change, and maybe so have i.
::or maybe i have just closed my heart to everyone, everything.
::i don't want to be hurt anymore.
::can i survive in this surreal world of my own?
::can i survive on my own?
::or will i wither and get blown into little pieces.
::and my presence never felt again?
::does it matter anyway?
::never really felt that i fitted in.
::into this world, this life.
::i was always someone lurking around, filling up the little spaces.
::maybe i was made to be like this.
::never really important but having to exist somehow.
::wish i was just a cat.
::a cat with a loving owner.
::cant type anymore.
::i am practically choking with unwanted emotions.
::emotions that are swelling up in my throat.
::love hurts.
::void kills.

::good night.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

it's coming to the 3rd month of my arrival to london and i was finally feeling kinda comfortable and settled in, so i decided to go do some xmas shopping on my own today. i couldnt have chosen a worse day..it was raining and frankly speaking, far too near xmas to buy things that i really want to get as they are all sold out. As i was fighting my way through Oxford Street with thousands of people with the same insane idea as me, i felt a dragging tug on my bag. i instantly turned around and pulled it right close to me, and to my horror >>> the front compartment's zip was 3/4 opened!!!!!!! i looked up at that instant and i thought i saw this surprised look on this gal/women or bitch staring at me. i reached in and felt for my wallet and phone which, Thank God! were still intact, took them out of the front compartment and dumped them right inside the main part of my bag.

i was too flustered at that moment to have much of a reaction but as i stepped into Borders to grab a gift....thoughts of me losing my stuff to some bitch-ass professional pickpocket made me super pissed! ( sorry for my intense words...but i have to release the tension ) Just before i came to london, my piano teacher warned me about pickpockets and that somehow or other, everyone who stays in London will get pickpockted at least once! But i dont want to become a victim!!!!!!! It's time to be paranoid again, to view everyone with an 'evil' eye....... think i am never ever going to feel 100% safe in London. boo hoo....i want my normal Singaporean life back....... late nights hanging out in town, catching the night bus, walking back alone and not feeling a single bit of fear.

dear God, why did you bring me to London??? i know You have a plan, but i cant take it anymore. i think i am going nuts! Its too lonely for me, yet the streets are too crowded with people i don't want to be with..... i need someone to really talk to, to share my thoughts with.....to gossip and share some tears with. I know that i should cast all my burdens onto you, but but.....i need someone of physical presence! *sniff* There is this great big void in my life now that i cant fill up and i don't exactly know what it is.

so much of me being independant huh?

Maybe it's time to be really humble and stick my ear out to listen for what the Lord is trying to tell me.

Friday, December 20, 2002

Met up with Penappa today to go for another exhibition, and she was late(the first time, cos i'm always the one who's late!) though this time it was erm..nah. don't want to make her look bad here, cos she reads my blog!

We went for the Aztecs exhibition at the Royal Academy, paid 6pounds for entrance and were happily 'bouncing' into the area with our savy digital cameras in tow, only yo be told " Sorry, no photography of anykind is allowed." We so wanted to kill at that point! It's the 2nd exhibition we've been to and not been allowed to take any photos, so we figure that it's all just because that they want us viewers to pay 40pounds for the stupid catalog. Anyway, we had to resort to digging out our sketch book and try very hard to capture what we thought was interesting/useful for our up-n-coming project due to start when school reopens on Jan 6th....

There are 11 halls in total for the exhibition, and we were only at hall 5 when this bitch thundered into the hall and shouted " this exhibition closes in 10mins." AND, she continued to bug us viewers, herding us like cows through the remaining 6 halls, repeating the line " this exhibition is closed, please leave the hall now" with such coldness in her voice that me & Penappa felt she was going " Get out of this place NOW!"

That was it. we paid 6 pounds for 2 hours in that place and only got to see half of the items! guess we'll have to go back and spend 6 pounds again... its not that it's not worth 6 pounds, but to pay again just to see the other half of it? *sigh*

Went in search of food to cheer us up and we came upon this place call Malaysia Kopitiam. The menu showed: Hainanese chicken rice, Nasi Lemak, Beef rendang, Chicken curry, Ice Kachang and loads more AND i had to go in to taste the food for myself! I had the chicken rice...ooh....it was actually quite good! Think the rest of the menu cant really go wrong because it was all Chinese working in the little cafe-like diner, and there was this middle-aged man who spoke what i would classify as Singlish, + some bits of malay! So i figure that he must be the boss or something, and he would know what Asian food should taste like! =)

Finally, a cheap & quaint little place to remind me of home.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

ah.....just had a dinner of homecooked pasta salad [fusilli pasta dressed in olive oil, pepped & salt and topped with grated chedder]. it turned out to be quite shiok leh! went xmas shopping today, walked a lot but bought nothing! instead, ended buying loads more food in Tesco. i seem to have developed this odd behavior of wanting to stock my little kitchen cabinet as well as i can, though it's been 2 mths and i've only got pasta, dried noodles, some canned mocked stuff and loads of things like coating powder for potato wedges, dipping sauce etc and not much meat or vegetables to cook them with!

oh, regarding my laundry, something screwed up. i left my jeans in the dryer for a tad too long [ was on the net talking to zack..... ] and my newest pair of jeans, with courtesy from my sis wardrobe, shrank!!!!!!!! now they end about 1 inch up from my heel...................*arghs*

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

its 7.35pm now, and Yes! my laundry has finally been washed and dried!!! i have never felt so glad before ah. lets see, i have basically wasted 3/4 of a day trying to get my laundry done and now its too late to go anywhere. *Sigh* guess it's time to start cooking some of the food in my fridge.......

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

got woken up at 1pm by the phone, and despite many attempts to get out of bed, i am still in it. cant help it that my laptop has been given a permanent place on the sidetable by my bed, so i was, am always and still am on the net. its already 3.20pm, and the laundry is still sitting in a pile that seems to get bigger everytime i look at it! Oh how i wish i can just wish it to be all cleaned and dried!

"oh fairy god-mother....."

as usual, i am posting my stuff after 12midnight.....its the 17th today, zacky's birthday. i wonder what presents he got from the guys etc. the ones from me are still sitting on my desk, waiting for me to get my butt moving to get them posted.

woke up at 12pm, and headed down to the Serpentine Gallery at Hyde Park to view an exhibition for my school holiday project. *grrr* so much for holiday.
the artist featured is Takashi Murakami, a jap contemporary artist who is very influenced by Andy Warhol and he combines this influence with Japanese culture. the end result is very bright and colourful paintings of his cartoon characters, mushrooms and flowers. the mushrooms reminded me of an old japanese comic is reda ages ago, which was kinda like set in a ghostly theme, but the characters were all mushrooms with eyes! his works are really great and all should check him out. they didnt allow photography in the gallery, although i tried successfully to sneakily take some. will try and post them up somewhere, somehow, sometime.

looking around my room now, which has gotten into a huge mess again. that means its time to clean up! i usually do the cleaning once a week, but since i have gone into the holiday mood, everything seems a chore. even my laundry, which i am at the dangerous point of having no clean clothes to wear but yet i still procrastinate to wash my clothes! arghs! its just that the drying time for the clothes put me off. one load take like 45mins to dry! so i end up sitting ard like and idiot for an hour or more each time.
somebody help me! i need to be motivated somehow.... =P

Monday, December 16, 2002

its Sunday, and its been a really wet and cold one. think it has been raining since morning. the thing about the rain here is that it just drizzles and goes on forever! back home, the rain comes down in full force, but after the clouds finishes dumping its stuff, it stops and we get sun!

listening to 'merry christmas everyone' by Slade, think its the nicest non-xmasy song. do i make sense?

on Saturday, me and my sis went to visit her Nafa schoolmate's dad, who came by london for a business trip. we were walking along and wondering where the hell was the Chelsea hotel in chelsea village, but when we got there i was in awe. it turns out that, the hotel was situated in the Chelsea Football Club's Village!!! i was in Chelsea FC land! heh. bet all those soccer fans back home are jealous of me now... *grin*

ten more days to xmas, and i havent finish writing the cards. oops. think they are going to be late!

Saturday, December 14, 2002

sorry for not posting the past 2 days! been busy and spent one night away from home....=P


movie ended quite late and i bunked over at my sis's friends place, Junie (singaporean) & yu tsang (taiwanese). the 2 of them live in the same house, but they are not a couple ah! =) perculiar arrangement eh? but i guess its more fun then my hall, which has no common area so the only time i see my flatmates are when we are in the kitchen pottering ard, which is not very often.....feel quite anti-social sometimes.

yu tsang n me met up with Pennapa @ covent garden for Belgium dinner @ a restuarant call Belgo. we had mussels (erm, bet my church mates are shaking their head now) for main course and then for dessert, i had my first creme brulee! ooh...it was sooo sweet but soooo nice. we could hardly walk out of the place when we finished! come to think of it, i really do think i am putting on weight.

OH! i finally bought myself a pair of boots! it comes up to just below the knees, made of suede and blue in color! bet some ppl are going " what the hell, blue boots? ", but they are really really nice!!! it cost me 70pounds though and i coughed out the money from my own debit card, in fear of evoking my mother's rage! silly eh?... i am still *ouching* from the price. S$200 can get me a really fine pair of shoes back home, and i do not think i have ever paid so much for a pair of shoe.

why oh why am i in London? i hardly see the sun now as a layer of dense fog has descended upon the city. it's been like this for 2 days straight. xmas is coming soon and i have yet to get any pressies for the ppl i know, and i am slowly but steadly draining my savings. *double sigh* i am writing my xmas cards now...and they are all going to either isaac or candice for distribution ok? it helps to save me postage fee this way, very sorry to all!

[Thursday happenings]

well, thursday was my last day of school! woo hoo! i was actually kinda starting to miss the little studio space that i spent so many aching cold hours doing my work.
was kinda hoping that i would get a nice 'homeworkless' holiday, but tsk tsk.....we got another project to start on. *sigh* have to go to 2 museums and do a study on the work exhibited. i hate drawing! i cannot draw! rushed home from school to dump my work and rushed to catch my 2nd movie, Die Another Day. Frankly speaking, i think it sucks. worst of all the Bond films.

my french galpal, Charlotte left on a thursday 4pm flight heading for Singapore. why cant it be me i wonder, why is everyone else heading back to their families and friends and i have to be stuck here. it's not that i don't have friends here, but i just miss everything Singaporean: the reliable transport, the air, the clean gumless pavements, the cheap taxis, my wonderful quirky pals, my homely jurong church, my dad falling asleep infront of the tv and my mum nagging, and my manja cat. ='S

trying to buy a ticket back now with my own money is even out of the question! Pennapa (e thai gal) tried to get a flight back to Bangkok on KLM, but..... it cost a freaking 1200quids! who in the world would pay that kinda money?

counting the months till i can see, smell and feel sunny Singapore again.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

woke up late again...heh. but luckily, i didnt actually have to attend the class so i got off scot free.
was waiting forever for the bus when i realised that stuff was falling out of the sky! i panicked for a moment, hurriedly scanned the surroundings for the many pigeons i knew were always there. but they were very well behaved. so i decided to stare really hard at what was coming down when something landed on my coat. it was a tiny, piece of ice. lo and behold, it was snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it was really light....damn. wish that london will have heavy snowfall, but my friend said that if that happens, the rest of UK will be under a major huge snowstorm. oh well.....

got down to dirty work at school, working with oil based paints to silkscreen my wooden 'tiles', and got my hands all wrinkled up and feeling tingling by the solvents. now i've got blue nails and cuticles, wonder when the color will come off.

came back and sat down to calculate how much i spent on the credit card for the past month. turns out to be about 300pounds. hope my mum doesnt call up and scream her head off. Oh, one thing> if i don't reply any of you guys sms, please forgive me. my last hp bill was only S$70, but it was enough to send my mum calling up and mailing me my bill to see with my own eyes! i am now trembling with fear for the next bill which is due to arrive at my house on by the 15th, i have a very bad feeling abt it. think it is going to be even higher, with all the 'happenings' in the past month.

*sigh* why is the bloody pound so big.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

monday, 11.35pm

didnt get out of my little room till 6pm to go for dinner......hmm.think my body is going into hibernation mode. no amount of sleep i get is ever enough!
sat at a pub for a meal of chicken tika masala, which wasnt too bad. rotted there for 3 hours and headed home through the gusty winds.

you know, i miss the Shokubutsu Body Foam alot! they don't have it here and i really really want something moisturising. they do have Dove [its' indispensible...hiak] here, but its as usual, very expensive! i have 3 friends heading back to singapore for xmas, and 2 of them have offered to bring me back stuff. you think i can get any of them to lug back a 1litre bottle of Shokubutsu? bet they'll think i have gone nuts. heh. now just trying hard to think of what else i really really want that they can bring back (dun think they would be willing to bring mee goreng over eh).

arghs, 6 more months of agony before i can taste all the wonderful food and fruits! i have been here so long, and only saw watermelon once in chinatown! apparently, watermelons are only easily available in summer. why....why did i leave sunny wonderful singapore for this miserable cold, grey, horrible food place called london.


back to work for me.....

Monday, December 09, 2002

dragged myself out of bed today @ 10.30am,the sky was already gloomy and it would stay that way the whole day.
had my chinese dim sum and proceeded to try and buy myself a mobile phone but to no avail. stupid ppl needed all sorts
of shit varifications. hmmph. was going to buy the nokia 7650, any other suggestions?

trugged through the freezing winds to catch a movie, my first movie in london! tickets at the cinema i was at cost 3.95 pounds
for students, and i got nachos which were 3.30 pounds! it cost 3.30 sing dollars back home....
watched Harry Potter...not too bad, hated the ending though.

any nice vcds to spare? me still wondering how to spend my xmas holidays. i am cursing now abt not getting that DVD-combo
drive when i got my laptop, cos all they sell here are DVDs! not a single vcd in sight! =S high class snobs.

err.....drop me an email when free? my mailbox is getting abit skinny and sad waiting for mails to come....

Sunday, December 08, 2002

hmmm...its nearly 3am again. wonder why i post stuff so late....
anyway, slept in till 2pm today! heh. took my own time to prepare to get out and by then , it was already 4pm and the sky was turning dark.
its very near winter, so the sun sets super early, makes me want to sleep all the time.
it was freezing cold! i went out and felt the blast of the chilly wind which made my ears ache. kept mumbling to myself why i even bothered
to go out in the first place. met up with my sister and proceeded to chinatown for dinner ( chinese again! )
she mentioned that there might be snow, and i was happy for that moment. but as i looked at the rain fall in constant 'sheets', i was back to
being as gloomy as the sky was........

oh! spotted a book called " The Clitourist ". interesting eh...and guess wat.
its printed in lovely oh Singapore. tried looking for it at mphonline.com, not available! tsk tsk...singapore censorship.
for those interested, i have checked out all the online bookstores and amazon.com has the best offer! great for a xmas present ah....

going to plonk on the bed now, have to wake up at 10.30 to go for lunch.
and yeah, i'm going to have chinese food again. arghs.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

its near 3am. nothing much happened today..besides using the webcam........
so another time dear friends...

good nite...

"if love is a will to posses, it is not love"

Friday, December 06, 2002


ok, its thursday night and i am sitting in my sister's living room, after a huge dinner of roast duck with my thai
classmate, Pennapa. she's my only good pal here *sniff* anyway, the duck was really good, fleshy and succulent!
with not too much fat and a crispy skin. mmmmm....... but i still miss the one at jurong kopitiam.

started the day well, got a package from candice and jie! its a Bowbrick ( for the benefit of those who dunno what the
hell a Bowbrick is, its a modern version of Tikam Tikam that we used to buy as kids from mamashops. its comes in
bears- bearbrick, dogs-bowbricks etc. they are sealed up in foil so you dunno what ur buying and some are more valuable
then others in the same series. get the idea?)

can & jie, i got a miniature pinscher which was exactly what i was wishing for when i was looking at the box! thank you both
so much for this little surprise! i left all my bearbricks back home..miss them, but guess i will have to do with this little dog
and the loads of playmobil. =P

actually, i woke up late for school and was thinking of wat bloody excuse to give this time....arrived 45mins late for class and
guess what? none of my 3 lecturers asked me anything! this's british education for you. i just finished a course of Computer
Aided Design, which is basically learning photoshop. heh. i was the 1st bugger to hand in my work and my lecturer was very
impressed! suckers...actually during class, me and the lecturer mostly end up exchanging tips! maybe i should go teach parttime eh?

one more week before school closes for 3 weeks of winter holidays. think i'll end up just eating and sleeping. thinking of
going to paris, but cant seem to get anyone to go with me. *shrug* or..i will go work in the supermarket. i heard that if i work
the night shift ( 11pm-6am), i get paid 11 pounds/hr! FYI, the major supermarkets here are open 24hrs everyday from monday
to saturday, and only close on sundays at 7pm. not bad eh? imagine doing your marketing 3am in the morning...

cant remember what i typed again, so i guess i will go sleep.
happy hari raya ppl peeps in singapore!

Thursday, December 05, 2002

*screaming* i typed the whole bloody blog, clicked on 'published' and was shown some crap about the page
haveing timed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i didnt copy wat i had typed.......bummer.

ok. i am going to just do this another time. if it times out again, i am going to a rampage.

as i was typing.......
this is my first blog and i figured this is a better way to communicate/share my feelings, grief, thoughts blah blah
with all my pals back in lovely lion city, as i wont have to mass mail all the time! =)

its was 4th of dec when i started to write the blog, but now its the 5th. And i have been feeling horrible eversince
i got back to my room, turned on my icq and found out that i missed Qin's birthday! now i am going into paranoia
mode and am struggling to remember to call Chris in the morning >chris, if i dun get to call u, @ least u know from
here that i didnt mean it and that i remembered!)

time just passes so fast! i am right in the smack of the festive month, which has loads of birthdays for me to scream
about. as glad that i am in london and have a valid excuse not to buy pressies, the guilt is too much to bear.

but eh! dun think guilt alone is enough to make me run to the shops to buy u birthday ppl a pressie ah! heh
if you get it, be happy, be very happy. if you dun, be happy still! =P

damn. i have to retype alot more of shit that i wrote just now, but i am getting too tired.
going to bed now...stay tuned for more of me!
do join the blog if possible, so i can keep informed abt the happenings!
i'll try to update this everyday.....