Wednesday, June 30, 2004

just came back from Paddington station.
sent mum+sis to catch the Heathrow Express, as the Tube is down due to industrial strike.
what luck huh!
on the very day that my mum has to leave + dave is arriving.
want to take a nap now... but i rekon the flat needs a good packing up.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i guess i have a love-hate relationship with with consumer laws here.
yes, it's great i can refund stuff, no questions asked.
but now... sigh, that condition has back-fired on me.
mum's made a firm decision on returning the other gucci bag she got for me, cos my sister got another one yesterday.
it's not biggy actually, just a little black bag.
perhaps i got attached to it...
it's just like a whirlwind romance that fell apart way too fast.
see....this is how emo i can get.
all upset over a silly little bag.
but i will be alright.
Dave will be here soon...very soon.
that's all that matters.

Monday, June 28, 2004

TWO more days to Dave's arrival!!!
shall busy myself by shopping with mother.

the Czech game was a good win!
for a moment i was worried it was going to go into extra time again....
Czech Czech....
hope they win Euro 2004

Saturday, June 26, 2004

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!
France is out.

Friday, June 25, 2004

"love me, that's all i ask of you..."
queued up with mum outside Selfridges at 10am......
killed time by chatting with this bunch of singaporeans: they're everywhere!
only got into the store at 11.40am.
though once in, all hell broke loose.
i got the bag i've been eyeing for the past year, while mum got one for herself and i picked another one-with the excuse it's for my sis!
it's all Half-priced.
la la la~
loving Summer now!

*a rainbow's formed outside and it's the 2nd one this week*
something's odd.
but oh well....

Thursday, June 24, 2004

summer sale has arrived.
i am going crazy!
SO many things i want to get:
a 35pounds fcuk skirt...
a pair of pink shoes that cost 25pounds...
but no.
mum's not letting me buy anything.

Monday, June 21, 2004

mom's arriving this evening.
on the brighter side.
9 more days to Dave's arrival.

they were decently dressed! unusual huh... Posted by Hello
it did stop pissing and when i got to hyde park @ 7pm,
james brown was still doing his opening act.
that man is old but he sure still can grooove!
he left the stage at 7.30 and we spent the next hour waiting for RHCP to appear....
talked lots of rubbish and anticipated the much warned about "pissing" & "bottle tossing".

pissing: happened right next to us, courtesy of the typical english men.
he did it on the grass & immediately the crowd moved away from him, disgusted.
obviously he wasnt shameful about it, cos he went to stand on the very patch to show the crowd that it's Just pee!

bottle tossing: happened every single time someone climbed on top of a friend's shoulders to get a better view.
the crowd behind gets blocked and so bottle tossing starts, with the idea that the person gets hit & gets upset and gets down.
this happens thru the concert...sometimes just ending up as a tossing war,with random ppl tossing back and forth.

so u end up seeing smirnoff ice, golsch beer & mineral water bottles flying around and trying not to get wet!
VERY impt to be alert as some bottles contain pee.....
while some people threw apples, or whole cups of Carling beer.
the English.
tsk tsk.

though i was very amused by their efforts of throwing toilet rolls thru the air>> their version of streamers.
and since we have pink, blue, green, purple etc toilet rolls in the country..... they actually looked good.

all in all, the concert was not too bad.
sound system could have been better though.
but i guess with such a large crowd (85,000 i heard...), it was acceptable la.
listen to the concert online at
too lazy to do the proper linking.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

red hot chilli pepper in Hyde park later!
hope it stops pissing down.
very tiring week.
too many people to meet.
too little time.
too many drinks.
but it was all good...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

"i just don't need one that has it's own carrying case...."

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

just finished a spate of the moment cleaning.
have been scrubbing up the flat ever since i moved in but there's always more to clean!
the sink, the window sills, the walls, the little crooks that seem to be everywhere...
more hoovering tomorrow, before my brother arrives.
more kueh lapis for me.
yahoo mail has been upgraded to 100MB.
an attempt to fight back against Gmail?
la la~
they can go fight all they want.
it's us consumers that will benefit.
yahoo email users are now allowed to send files up to 10mb in size!
now we all can start swapping songs, videos and watever nonsense.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

london has been roasting hot for yesterday and today.
went out for lunch yesterday and after i ran for the bus, i was literally perspiring!
never ever in london leh...
today is another 29degrees day.
i got white angmoh men and some angmoh women in bikinis tanning in the park infront of my flat.
i wanna tannnnnnnn~
no kaki.

Monday, June 14, 2004

watching England loose to France was a TOTAL AGONY.
3 minutes!
everything just fell apart in 3 freaking minutes...
dave says:"that's soccer for you".
i'm so disappointed now...
losing is not the issue here.
losing cos of Stupid mistakes is what's driving me crazy.
spent sat sitting out the heat @ a cafe, chit chatting with alice...
hopped into Harrods and bought krispy kremes.
then it was off to have duck for dinner with 3 others, at four seasons as usual.
ate and ate till i felt i was 3 mths preggy.
then drinks.
popped into all-bar-one @ Gloucester for an erdinger, & got chased out cos it was closing time.
so we walked on to this really nice, slightly posh bar at south ken.
no cover, great music and a guy playing the tambla live!
kinda reminded me of Zouk.
had Moet,Moet,frozen magerita & watermelon martini.
it was in total and absolutely lovely night!
though i did end up sleeping on the floor of my friend's hotel room.......
cos i was too lazy to find a way home. =P

Saturday, June 12, 2004

okonomiyaki for dinner!
yum yum yum.
then on to Jewel @ covent garden for little munchies & drinks.
this branch is better in a way, as it's new and not so crowded=we got a table easily
didnt manage to catch Bombay dreams today...
hope i get to in this weekend.

i forgot to mention.
last night was Bond Night, where shops along Old Bond and New Bond street open till 9pm.
AND they have free drinks too.
i first went into Tiffany & Co, which was giving out classy fruit punch which had mixture of fresh berries in them.
then with my sister's invite, i went on to LV and sipped Moet while prancing around the boutique & eating canapes.
left the area to catch the movie, but not before i got a free issue of Evening Standard & a bottle of Perrier.
Great freebies eh!
especially the Moet...
cant wait till the next Bond Night in 2005.

Friday, June 11, 2004

finally watched killbill 2 today, and damn was the cinema warm.
let me warn you ppl:
london cinemas aint got any aircon!
already contemplating to wear my bikini to the next movie i catch.
i've been slacking my days away.
read my way through 2 Dan Brown books.
way too fast!
what more left to do before dave+candice gets here?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

now you all can get me at
*hiak hiak*
was discussing with my friends the other day about gmail when they asked me:
"why didnt you choose, instead of having"
i was stunned for a moment and then started to curse myself for not putting more thought into my choice of email address.
doesn't help that i have no more invites to register another account.
i shall have to be contented with this then.
london was a sweltering 30degrees today.
the tube was a sauna.
the buses stank.
my attempt to buy eurostar tickets to Paris was so full of hiccups,
i wanted to throw myself against the wall to end my agony.
got the tickets after 2 long waits, a trip home & back and and......
i shall talk no more of this horrendous experience.
shall go nurse my swollen feet.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

great yarmouth... go see my shutterfly album for the gal in the cowboy hat+bikini Posted by Hello
woke up at 8am on sunday & instantly panick sinked into my brains.
i was suppose to catch the 9.05am train @ Liverpool Street Station.....
anyway jumped in the shower, grabbed my bag and was out of the house in 30 mins.
not very fast i know.
hopped on the 8.35am bus and was resigned to my fate that i was never going to make it.
surprise surprise,
i made it to the train station @ 9.00am and with 5 mins to spare i dashed to get my tickets.
then ran like mad till my ankles hurt, to the train.
looked at the clock just before i go onto the train and it was 9:04:25
now, just how lucky can that be?

Great Yarmouth was COLD.
was so disappointed that it was cloudy all the way and i ended up huddled in my jacket & trying to enjoy the music.
oh well.
at least it was a fun day out with my friends.
we looked at gals shaking their asses and commented on poor guys,
who had to carry their not tiny galfriends on their shoulders.
anyway i got home just before 1am.
and i finished reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown in that one day.
read on the train till my eyes were blurrrrrr...

got out of bed today only @ 3pm.
rushed to Battersea park for Graduate Fashion Week and DAMN IT WAS HOT.
i think i almost fainted in that tentage that had no fans.
but it was a great fashion show and i was glad i got to see Lizzy's work!
then it was off to dinner & drinks.

okie. i'm off to bed.
very very very tired.
did too many things with a too tired body and to little time.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

USD$68.05 for the 2nd one
going to head up to Great Yarmouth in a few hours
am packing my stuff and watching my ebay auction.
i want to bring both my digi+lomo cam but my digi is so freaking big!
wanna get a smaller digi....
like the casio exifilm 4mb one.
*hint hint*
ok ok. i'll start saving...
anyone up for donations to my savings?
think about it: with a smaller digicam, i can snap more photos of hot babes in bikinis!
or hot guys in beach wear!

sister is back~
was waiting for the piccadilly train to Heathrow when this angmoh tried to chat me up.
asked for my number, i said i had none.
asked to meet me in the week, i said i was leaving the country.
i then boarded the train.
whats with me and the men here?
the other day i was just walking on the street with Alice, when this black men passed me this flyer and said:
"i've got a big anaconda"
i just took the flyer and didnt even look at him.
it only hit me like 5 secs later and i was like "what??!!"
Alice was laughing her head off....

Saturday, June 05, 2004

i just made USD$76.00!
though now i feel a tad guilty cos the item was FOC to me.
oh well, the person bidded on it willingly.
1hr 40mins more to the end of the first ebay auction that i'm selling, not buying.
hope it ends well.
cant really be bothered how much i get actually.
have been watching sex and the city to past the time.
yeah, i still belive in love.

BigGayOut on 3rd July! Anyone interested? heee Posted by Hello

Friday, June 04, 2004

went out last evening to meet friends from manchester for dinner.
had chinese again. 3rd chinese meal in 3 days and every meal i had dou miao.
anymore of that and i am going to boycott that vege.

3.37pm now.
i have to:
-return way overdue library books
-buy eurostar tickets
-lug back my massive canvas on frame work.

guess there goes my shoulders's been aching for a long time.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Holly is what i consider really really hot. don't you just love that little tattoo on her? *tempted* Posted by Hello

my ticket aka card to enter the match. nice~ Posted by Hello

me with a toothy smile+wenhai.
 Posted by Hello

becks Posted by Hello
fuck it.
to Great Yarmouth i go.

Anyone wants Gmail? I can invite 2 people to join.
or i can go sell the invites on going for 36pounds now.

oh yes.
and my new & yet another email addy
Got woken up with a phone call from a classmate asking me how to write an essay she has to re-do. I then realize it’s almost 1pm and decided to go online, as usual.
Learnt from Alvin that I can sell my Gmail invites on ebay and am just chatting when, the postman came by.
A Tiffany & Co envelope is in my hands.
I shudder.
Hesitated to open it…….so scared, that I called Dave up and whined.
Moment of truth
“I regret to inform you that, on this occasion, we will not be progressing further with your application”
Very disappointed in myself.
This is the first job that I didn’t make it through an interview.
I feel like shit.

Going to cry my eyes out now.
the interview?
there's 3 rounds of it.
1 down, hopefully 2 to go.
this is insane.
all this shit just for a temp. part-time job????

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

just back from a night over trip to manchester.
a 4.5 hr train ride there to watch England draw with Japan 1-1, as i expected.
NEVER watch friendly matches.
the only thing exciting was the oh so savvy match ticket (it's like a tap-&-go ezlink type)and watching Beckham take the corners....
survived a night of pigging out on Mala steamboat and barely 2 hours of sleep,
only to then hop on the 12.47pm train back to london.
i'm so tired.
want to just sleep....but i got to go greenwich.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

application form's been filled.
got the top and shoes to go with the suit.
now just to pack my bags for manchester.
clean off my chipped nail polish.
then to bed.
wish me luck for the interview cos damn i need a job.

what was suppose to be a leisure shopping day out turned into a frantic search of a suit for my interview tomorrow.
i got a pant suit from miss selfridge in the end.
not wonderful.
dunno why but i am starting to dread it.