Monday, March 27, 2006

a bigger step...

to being away from my boy.

Spent 3000HKD today at Ikea, all for my new 'pad' in Mongkok - which means a decision to stay on in HK longer... well, at least 6 mths as that's my rental lease agreement.

It's only my 4th month here but it feels like forever that we have been apart. It feels silly sometimes, that we have been doing all this long-distance right from the start till now - a whole 2 years. I have another 20mths of my contract to go... can I really take it for that long? Why did I choose this path that causes us to be apart for like 95% of a year...?

Anyway, too late to turn back now - I can only make the best of my time here right?
wish I could sleep but I miss you too much

Thursday, March 02, 2006

cold & tired

and off again tomorrow to Shanghai... there goes another weekend for me. urgh. I do not get back any weekends that are spent on business trips!!!!