Saturday, January 31, 2004

cursing & swearing in brrrring conditions
was reading ST online when i came upon this article.
i was in spore was ONE whole month and they just have to release the uncut version after i'm back in uk?
*kill kill kill*
now i just have to wait for the freaking dvd release.

oh no wait. my dear friend from manchester has pointed out that they might be still screening in uk.
yes they are!!!!!!!!!!!
clear my shit projects and watch the freaking movie!
raining with strong winds
a long craved for beer put me to sleep last night.
no work done again.
i am so DEAD.
monday is the dateline and i am NOT panicking.
after spending 4 hours contemplating if to go out at all........ i've decided to stay in.
now time to get down to work.

Friday, January 30, 2004

i've come to the conclusion that the way how horoscopes classify us, our characteristics etc,
are just an excuse for us to use to remain who we are.
true that some of it makes total sense,
but could it all be just a case of " xin li juo yong"?
like we make ourselves believe it so as to refuse change,
cos the mentality of "we are meant to be like this blah blah" makes it easier to get away with stuff.

right? wrong?
meow all you want.

wat the heck, this is how i am suppose to be (it's so freaking long!):

She likes to be in a dream world than to be in reality.
She is weak and sensitive when it's come to "Love".
She can cry if her best friend is breaking up, and she can be over excited when her friend gets a new boy friend
who is a good looking and rich even it is nothing concerned her at all.

You might be surprise to see that she is shy just because she is in love.
More or less it will be in Pisces woman.
She loves small animal and gifted in training animals.

She has sixth senses and she can guess what will happen next, it's her nature.
Even she has a good sixth senses, she can not pick or foreseen her own choice of lover.
She can not tell if she meet a sincere guy or a one night stand guy.

She likes to buy and pick her own cloths. She likes to dress cute and be cute.
Pisces woman tend to be a good looking woman and she has a nice skin.
Her hands and feet are small and soft.
Pisces woman loves to shop for shoes as if she collects them.
She is a hot lady that everyone wants her.
Whether she has a man in her life or not , she will never try to over powered any man.
It's not even in her thought.

She thinks man can handle things better, and she will make her man feel that way.
She is an easy going person, so being with her is easy.
She is a confident woman and likes to make people who stay with her happy.
She knows how to please and how to comfort a man.
If something is wrong, she will try to make other people belief that it's must be
because of someone else, not because of her love one.

She will not push her man to be ambitious but to make him feel like he should be happy with the way he is now.
She is happy with you for what you are now.

A Pisces woman , if she has a bad childhood, she will always remember it and it will make her a very unhappy person.
She will pity herself and feel sorry for herself.
She tends to hurt herself with out knowing it and so vulnerable to drugs (real drugs or just sleeping pills).
She has many choices and you can never tell which path she going to take.
If you love her , then hold her tight because she never knows why she did what she did or what she will do next.

A complex character. You may think she is a shy innocent type and can not hurt anyone, then you are wrong.
You might think she is a fragile person who needs protection, wrong again.
She has been through a lot, a tough cookie.
She is a dreamer and love the word "Love", so she is the type who will buy gift for anyone for any occasion,
especially if it is a gift for wedding or an anniversary even for someone who she does not know so well.

Be very careful if fall in love with Pisces woman.
She can be a total different person before and after.
She can be an angel before and later a witch, but everyone is not perfect, right?
She will be soft and gentle most of the time, so not to worry.
She is emotional and extremely sensitive when she frequently gets hurt.
She is the type who can cry her heart out.

She can have a secret fear inside, when she says she does not need anyone.
She badly needs someone to protect her, but sometimes she can hide that feeling by being stubborn.
She likes to hide her shyness and her weakness from her enemy.
She does not like to follow any fixed rules.
She can be a good housewife if you know how to handle her.

Many men will ask to marry her because she is a 100% woman.
If she wants to be sweet, she is a real angel.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

slush is right.
black slush and ice now covers the road + pavements.
had to focus on where i was stepping so as not to slip!
anyway the sun's out now so i guess that's all the snow i will be getting this year...
here's the view i get by sticking my head out of the window.

IT'S SNOWING MASSIVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i sound like shit.
didnt make it to school, eventhough i actually woke up and took a shower.
had my lunch.
heading back to my bed.
kinda homesick.
slept for 12 hours
nose was blocked
still feeling like crap
missed 2 ebay auctions
no snow in london yet
fever seems to be gone
but flu n cough seems to be staying.
honey & lemon and grapes for breakfast.
think i got a fever.
coughing my lungs out now.
still waiting for it to snow.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

long day at school... actually got there on time and stayed till 5pm!
flu's getting worse.
popping clarytine, difflam and pi pa kao.

this damn flu had better go off soon.
i only got a week to clear my overdue work!

going to sleep it off now.

Monday, January 26, 2004

i finished the can of pringles.
then popped a Clarityne.
downed with green tea.
i cant sleep anymore.
throat was hurting and nose felt painfully dry, like it was going to bleed somehow.
all this made worse by wearing my retainers which made my teeth ache Big time!

room's kind of cold now.
weather for today is cloudy, with a low of 1degrees & high of 4degrees.

few more hours....
can hardly wait to get back to school.
yeah right.
hooked on ebay again.

i'm trying not to sound materialistic but i spotted this gucci bag that seems damn nice.
though...hard to really judge from a photo.

Sunday, January 25, 2004


i am going to catch Red Hot Chilli Peppers in concert @ Hyde Park in summer!

cant wait.
*blink blink*
i have resorted to the lonely can of Pringles in my room.
watch me die.
got my ass outta bed at 11.30am.
looked at my luggage and got that instant sinking feeling......
so much to do but my body is aching from carrying too much around on my journey back.
imagine a backpack with 2 lappys in them.
*kill kill my sister*

so far i have unpacked my shoes....and rollarblades......then i got distracted by the net.
this is going to take me forever.
while the thoughts of my unfinished projects looms in the background.

and i am Hungry!!!
i got nothing in the fridge. =(
too lazy to get out.

FYI: chinatown has CNY celebrations today. those typical lion dance shit. but if you're (london ppl) dying for some cheena atmosphere, head on down.
got a grand total of $428 for this year's angpow collection. *grin*

i am going to eat, sleep and grow fatter in my room till i clear all my nonsense.
got nothing to eat.
sneezing in london
think i caught some bug along my 21hour journey back to london.
the last few days in spore were crazy.
too many things to do, too many people to meet, too little time.

going to shower and head to bed.
cant take it anymore.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

2 more days to go.
my stuff is all over the floor.
i don't know where to start.
packing has always been a huge pain.
going out for fireworks later.

dave got me a new orange supersampler to replace my cranky yellow one! *grin*

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

sorry i shouted at you.
but you made me cry.
ah.... i'm typing this entry from my sister's new G4 ibook. it's nice and white and and....DAMN it's not for me.
i am the one who is doing design but yet i am not buying a Mac! This Sucks.
hmmmm, it's got noisy keypads.
the display font is nice.

i shall stop now. it's getting to me.....

anyway, today was a wet & grey monday. having a friend being pissed at me didnt make it any better.
trust me, i wish i wasnt in this position. i wish i hadnt received that call. do you not wonder how I feel? to know about things that i dont really wish to know? i bet you feel betrayed.
but i didnt do it intentionally.
just as well, i'm leaving soon.

Monday, January 19, 2004

it's raining men. really.
going out till i come back and fall asleep w/o blogging.
that has never happened before.
gtg now.

rushing to go get last minute stuff and got to work!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

went on a island-wide car hunt event.
spent 1 hour in vain @ Pasir ris trying to catch a fish.
got burnt.
very very ugly tan line.
ruined my plan of wearing a tube dress tonight.

blog more later.

realised that when i am happy, i write less. that good or bad?
2 sugar rolls
1 mango roll.
1 prune cheese cake.
1 cream puff.
i jug vodka crystal.
1 whiskey sour.


Friday, January 16, 2004

forgot to mention that we got stopped at a road block.
boy did we drive the policemen crazy.
what do you expect from 3 overhyper chicks?


Thursday, January 15, 2004

ppl thinking i'm 19.
one tequila neat.
one vodka cranberry.
two vodka ribena.
another vodka something.
a sip of screwdriver.
then teochew porriage.

i'm still sane. heee.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

it's perfect

monday got better as the hours went by.
went back to Sins choc to munch and buy more chocs, dropped by the lovely flower shop to inhale the sweet sweet scents.
i went to watch The Last Samurai, special preview screening thanks to huiling. heh.

it's freaking good.
it's got a great looker for lead role, a demure sweet women in the plot, all the action to keep a guy glued, enough romance to keep the girls on their toes in anticipation and it's a tear jerker at some parts.

so damn good it's worth watching again.
a Must watch. it's better than LOTR!

Monday, January 12, 2004

overslept and missed an auction i really wanted by minutes.
really upset with myself now.
i so wanted the pair of jeans...
what a way to start a new week.
had a good five hour coffee chat with dave @ starbucks, changi airport.
cant actually believe i sat there on the wooden chair for sooooo long and my butt didnt ache.
i know i know....
i got a big a**.

Localized 10.01.04

Sunday, January 11, 2004

okie. i'm at it again.
posting my project brief online.

Art and Design do not exist in a vacuum; like all other aspects of social life they both react to and interact with changing circumstances. Visual culture as a whole both directly and indirectly reflects material, technological and economic changes just as readily as it does psychological, ideological and political ones.
By very defination and issues is a subject of dispute or disagreement. It is a subject wide open to debate.
Whatever the position of anyone engaged in the debate, they must argue their case with conviction and provide supporting evidence.
Cosider the many issues raised during the Auterm Term Programme and the very many more these in turn gave rise to. Not all of there were directly related to art/design but all were influentially connected.

Identify a contemporary art/design issue that particularly concerns you then examine it from as many different point views as possible. Whatever the chosen issue, you will need to consider the historical perspective (the origins of the issue), current discourse (differing responses), theoretical positions (bases for arguements) and your evaluation of these. You will also need to examine in what ways the issue concerns you and your work.

you get the brief?
worst part of it all: i think i only attended one lecture in the whole Auterm term.
just got back from supper at geylang.
was at zouk.....Localized event today.
i must say the music was quite good for local djs.

it was nice cos i got to meet old friends.......and chatted with 2 parisian guys.
cheeky french men.

na not so easy to get to.
la la la...
vodka crystal is a nice drink.
busy little bee.......

been busy busy busy.
meet new ppl

yesterday was jun xian & meiling's ROM.
celebrated it by having buffet dinner at Merchant Court Hotel.
it's quite good!
was there from 6.30 to 9.30.
i pratically ate till i couldnt walk or sit.

oh oh.
my essay's due in 4 days.

Friday, January 09, 2004

back from some NUS party at Newsroom.
felt so old there...the guys all looked like kids to me.


Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

i simply adore my cat.

finally watched LOTR on monday night.
damn the long ending.
love it for liv tyler and orlando bloom!
he is sooooooooooo cute~

eh eh.
i'm not a shallow person ok......he is just damn cute lah.

anyway today was super slack day again.
sent dress for alteration....went shopping and bought only one top!
kinda proud of myself leh.
then went on to eat eat eat with candice and family.

damn i am so full now.

Monday, January 05, 2004

still at home waiting out the stupid rain.
was just reflecting on what i have done for the past 2 weeks and....

it's great! i have met up with 3 long lost childhood friends.
wondering if more will appear from no where.
it's a monday.
it's raining.
the ants are still all over my lappy.

just found out that the little damn ants are crawling along the lappy's power cable and then thru my lappy, then across the computer table, up the cloth that covers my pc and on to some final destination.

DAMN you ants! cant you just crawl along the wall or something?

think i need some therapy.
shopping it shall be.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

had my dose of sunshine today by the pool.
think i really need the sun in my life.
no wonder london is shits for me in winter.

i've got these shit ass tiny little ants that are crawling all over my lappy! %$$#
i've been squashing them for the past 2 days but they keep coming back!
my first movie back in spore: love me if you dare
really good french film. go watch it if you loved Amelie.
if you don't, forget it. you're not artsy enough.


Saturday, January 03, 2004

shopping finally! though i didnt buy much.....
a top from Esprit and a pair of nice shiny silver heels from hereen.
tee hee.
i'm becoming a shoe freak.

ate like a pig this chinese place at Paragon. forgot the name lah.....
wine bar was nice. met old and new friends.
think the new year is looking good for me!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

damn the sun was good today but i was all snuggled up in bed sleeping off the vodkas.

i need to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i havent gone proper shopping yet and there's all this massive sales going on!