Friday, July 30, 2004

alice asked me yesterday if i would miss london when i go back for good next year.
frankly speaking....not really. think the only thing i would miss will be the summer sales.
or more like the End of the sales.
the other day when i went to Brighton, i managed to get the FCUK skirt that i've been eyeing since the start of sale.
original price: £70
start of sale: £35
middle of sale: £30
end of sale: £15!!!!!!
of course i had to buy it. last one on the rack and it was my size. hee

went to Selfridges yesterday too and though sale is over, they have clearence sections all over. many items going at under £10... even Maharishi t-shirts were just £10! maybe i should go buy some and sell them on ebay.
just as i think that i've managed to eradicate the virus from my system, i do a virus scan and find out that i have 3 more lurking somewhere!
this is killing me.
how long do i have to spend on my lappy just to make sure it's working without a bug in it?

yesterday, london hit a high of 30degrees.
think it's going to be the same today.
you people in singapore might say it's nothing, but with the sunshine hours from 4am-9pm...
that's a lot of sun+heat you know.

Also, i'm now a proud owner of the nokia 6230 & i got it Free!
after trying to squeeze the life out of my 8210, i've got a new phone i lurve.
was actually thinking of getting the 7610, but thought it's quite big & the fact that it's got no infrared, so... NAH.

got a lot of photos to upload to shutterfly but i'm damn lazy + that i have to fight with my sister for the internet.

still missing dave though...

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

eh... lappy's been down down down.
so i'm typing this on my sister's ancient laptop, slow but still useful.
anyway went to brighton yesterday and the pebble beach is actually really nice!
pebbles dont get picked up by the wind and get into ur eyes,
pebbles dont get into everywhere....
pebbles hurt when you walk on them barefooted though.

the water was cool and clear, it was clear blue skies....
so shiok!
will go back again soon, real soon.
anyone up for brighton?

Friday, July 23, 2004

hmmm... going to count my coins in a while to see how much i have saved up.
maybe i should consider setting up a "send renee back for xmas" fund.
anyone interested to start funding me?

had 'melting chocolate souffle' the night before dave left. left it in the slightly too hot oven for slightly too long, so it opened up like a muffin. but it was still good & with icecream+strawberries, how can anything taste horrible?

p.s. candice, sorry u weren't here to have it. we actually had 4 among the 3 of us! hee. will make it again when ur back from green green italy village.
dave's back in spore while candice's in italy...
which makes it just me+sister again.
lazed in bed till 3pm today.
for 22days my life was packed with activities and suddenly, it's all quiet.
i miss the rush of being the first to the loo upon reaching home, or who sleeps where etc.
guess it all boils down to me already missing dave.
3 weeks just went pass like that, though it was all good
another sad thought is that it'll be another 5 months before we meet again, and that's provided i can afford the air ticket home in dec.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

i swear.....
that Heathrow terminal 3 is the worst airport to be in.
it's too damn small, too busy, way too crowded that check-in queues spill into the walk-way area. so in the end all you get is chaos.
the VAT queue is always too slow and too crowded, but today was absolute horror.
so wanted to give up claiming the money but hey, it's ten pounds = 30SGD....
only manage to check in at 8.15pm for a 9pm flight.
so efficient the English are eh?
starting to dread the thought of stepping into the same terminal again....

Sunday, July 18, 2004

was on our way to the Design museum yesterday and to walk along the Tower bridge was the only sound way of getting there. anyway, had just barely crossed over one half of the tower bridge when we heard beeping sounds. i gasped and turned my head to see, & true enough the gates were being activated & traffic was brought to a halt.
ah ha!
finally after 2 years in London, i got to see the bridge get raised!!!
talk about being @ the right place @ the right time.
Design museum is really chic, with a Saul Bass museum now on & a other whole level dedicated to walk you through the history of designer chairs.... although i must say the entry price was a tad expensive for just 2 exhibitions.
been seeing a lot of London, but there is that never-ending list of to-go+to-do.
*plop* Posted by Hello
"it's not that the women can't come, it's just that the men cant f***"
alex, irreversible.

Friday, July 16, 2004

why  blog when i have to have censorship?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

just caught Fahrenheit 9/11.
think the only word i can use to describe it is: Disturbing
i can only watch in disbelief & wonder how can a scum like Bush get away with all this crap for almost 4 whole years?
if this movie is showing where ever you are, go catch it.
don't know if Singapore is ever going to show it.
if they can ban Zoolander, they can ban anything.

anyway, spotted something about myself today & i feel that we all find out little quirks of ours thru ppl around us,
a tad flighty?
or just too jumpy/anxious.
think i got a lot of weird quirks.

oh oh.
not another bout of being negative.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

just back from the trip to Paris.
so knackered..........
anyway, this time round i managed to go to Colette, Hotel Costes.... eeeee
to many things to blog now.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

what's with people and their views of the seventh day adventist church?
it's not a cult.
it's just a normal chuch, with just slightly different doctrines.
so do other protestant churches> that's why there are so many around.
why then ostracise us?
or maybe i am taking this a bit personal.
i've got people close to me who give me looks, or say they don't wish to talk about this church.
frankly speaking, i feel very hurt.
if i can respect people for who they are, which ever religion they have, why cant i earn the same respect from them?
the bottom line is this:
i am a Christian why hurt me & put down the beliefs i have?