Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009: Ice Cream , Fireworks & Taboo

And so I ushered in 2009 with my bunch of friends I made years back while in the UK - and it was good. No, actually it was Great!

Quiet affair of lovely Udders ice cream; gossiping about Fiona Xie, Andea Fonseka, Michelle Chia, Jade Seah while they pranced on national TV; sniggered when Tay Ping Hui sang "I'm Yours" and screamed with joy when I could see the fireworks from the living room of my friend's lovely Lincoln Modern apartment!

Night was fueled with Taboo (boys VS girls), McDonalds, HBO movies of Pirates of the Carribbean & Harry Potter... Hmmm... not much alcohol but it sure was a nice & cosy night.

Glad my lovely friends talked me out of going to the Marina Barrage alone - I'm sure it would have been nice seeing the fireworks up close but having the company of my friends was definately better. The view from the apartment was great + having the TV showing the fireworks with a 5sec lag was entertaining too! Must say this year's fireworks were Really nice. Big, new colors of purple & gold and there were new formations too.

Puts a smile on my face.

I now welcome 2009 with a smile, warm heart and open mind.

With great friends - nothing can be That bad after all.


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